Feesh Sustained in Fourth Place by Grace of the Barves Alone. Ah, but Do You Believe in Magic?

Before looking at the Rainbow Warriors’ weekend debacle at the hands of the Gnats, I should note that I’ll be on the road quite a bit during the next few weeks in addition to having a couple of writing projects piling up on my desk. Ergo, my commentary on the Feesh might be intermittent. Then again, the way they’re playing lately, it might be the most opportune time to ignore them.

Today Max Scherzer, the ex-Tigger star with the counterrotating eyeballs and no “A” List trophy fiancee doing his dishes, had the Feesh fincuffed until Justin Bour, who’s on a thirty-plus dinger track this season, crushed one into the second deck in right field to account for his team’s meeserable run total of two, while Adam Conley, who has clearly let the Gnats into his head, got roughed up by them again to the tune of six runs in five innings and change while his teammates lamely freighted the pine with their thumbs up their cloacas. Final was Feesh 2, Gnats 8, and perhaps the boys from DC were ackcherley being merciful.

Our boys dropped their second series in a row, 2-3, and at a mediocre 22-21 hover in fourth  owing solely to the even greater haplessness of the Barves. On a bright note the Iron Giant, even while striking out two more times, did manage to figure out how to encounter the surface of a baseball with the surface of his bat and rocket a single into the outfiled. How Nice.  Meanwhile the strange attractor is thickening and flexing its gossamer reality waves as it anticipates tomorrow’s “Citrus Canker Series” game with the Razed from across the state in designatedhitterball land, whereupon it clearly expects to reclutch the wimp wanded wonders again:


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