So, What Did I Miss? Deep Thoughts, Jack Handey Edition. (5/21/16)

Before I get started with the recap, I have a very serious question. I am not trolling. I am dead serious. I joke, play, and kid a lot–my so-called “crazy” side that y’all know and love–but I also have a very serious contemplative side. The following is an issue very close to my heart. I have volunteered at battered women’s shelters. I have cared for hurt women in the ER.  Comforted them. It occurred to me while watching Miguel Cabrera bat tonight that he has committed some very serious off the field sins and if anyone has gotten a free pass in baseball, it’s this guy.

Investigators determined that both husband and wife were “aggressors” so there’s a good chance no charges will be filed. However, Tiger fans who might be willing to look the other way on the domestic abuse will probably have a harder time forgiving Cabrera’s baseball transgression. The reason he came home so late was because he was out partying with members of the Chicago White Sox.

There is more. This was on my Florida roads, the ones I drive. I drink a lot. I will hand my keys to a perfect stranger. I won’t drive.

The reports indicate that Cabrera forced at least two cars off the road due to his reckless driving. The Range Rover he was piloting caused a Wal-Mart tractor trailer to go off of a main road, and another car to swerve on the grass to avoid a head on collision with the inebriated Major Leaguer.

Both accidents could have easily killed all drivers involved.

He is lauded. He still does commercials. I don’t know too many people with a DUI who almost killed someone doing car commercials. Seems odd.

He was an MVP. He was heralded for his Triple Crown. Mention his crimes and Tigers fans visibly bristle. We forgave him his sins. Why don’t other players get the same benefit of the doubt? Why don’t we forgive them? I don’t mind forgiving Miggy, honestly. I am not saying we should treat Miggy as badly as we do others. I have a forgiving nature because holding on to grudges and anger only destroys me. I have forgiven family members for similar transgressions. My mantra that I continuously repeat is: nobody is perfect. Go ahead. Cast the first stone. I only want to know. Why does he get forgiveness but others, we don’t give them the benefit of the doubt?

Chapman, we’re saying he’s a liar. I blasted him and the Yankees myself right on this blog a few months ago. I am calling myself out. Perhaps I was wrong. I think maybe I was. I’m not sure. I’m not perfect. With time to think, reflect, and reconsider, I wonder. Is he telling the truth? Is David Ortiz right? Is Dusty right? Was it a one time incident? Not every domestic abuse incident is an ongoing thing. Are we going to condemn him forever for one bad night? My own father beat my mother one time. It was terrible. I witnessed it. I saved her. He begged me for forgiveness years later. He was a pacifist. He would not hurt a spider. My mother was always the aggressor–she beat us. He never touched us. There were so many times later in life that I wanted to do the same to her, but I have less testosterone. I was able to walk away and collect myself. Was Chapman’s a horrible night gone wrong? The United States is not in the habit of allowing just anybody to become a citizen. I have had family members go through the process including my own mother. She beat us in the 80s–child abuse was treated differently then. It was discipline. The process is no joke. The vetting process is extremely thorough, even for celebrities. My stance on Chapman actually started to soften when he became a U.S. citizen. I know how horrid it sounds–he shot a gun, my God, what was he thinking?– but obviously, they know something we don’t know about Chapman, about that night. My thoughts started to change. Again, was David Ortiz right after all? Don’t be so quick to judge? So again, I ask. Why do we forgive Miggy but others, no? What if we judged Miggy on those nights only, without ever giving him a chance to rehab, and become the guy he is today? Let’s give others the same benefit of the doubt, then. We can’t cherry pick. That’s hypocrisy, and in my opinion, that is the dirtiest word there is.

Always love the one you hurt. 

The Rays beat the Tigers, 7-5, in spite of Cabrera’s best efforts. Do not throw that pitch to Souza Jr, Asdrubal. The Rays are on fire. Their offense is finally starting to click. Maybe their front office did know what they were doing when they sacrificed a bit of defense for some offense. This is the 4th straight game in which they have scored more 6 or more runs. They lead the majors in HRs. I saw that on Twitter, and I thought I was hallucinating. Not the Colorado Trevor Stories (14th)? Not the +1000 run differential Cubs (13th in HR)? My Rays, who play where offense goes to die? I see now that the Orioles took the lead. They have one more. But for a brief moment in time, my lowly Rays–my mind was blown. I expect the Orioles to have the HR hitting lead. The Rays don’t do homering. That’s not our thing. Pitching and defense.

I had an excellent day at work. I worked my ass off but that is nothing new. Nurse. Look how much effort I put into these things, and I don’t even get paid. Imagine now it’s a life or death situation. Maximum effort. One of my patients was sort of a big deal in baseball once. He’s still involved. I can’t tell you who he is unfortunately. HIPAA. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you and I like y’all. We had the greatest conversation, him and his wife. “You are a great baseball fan,” he told me. “You really know your stuff.” His wife was impressed too. She said, I live with him and you know stuff I don’t know! I said, “I need a life!” We talked about steroids. We agreed. We don’t judge these guys. Barry Bonds etc. It’s so hard to make the majors. They become desperate. She was beautiful herself. Older woman, lovely, and I could tell that she was the source of his strength in the the way she held him as they left our facility. She was not threatened by me at all. I loved her. His doctor is a good friend of mine and had asked that I get him in recovery. He told me, bring something for him to sign. I brought the baseball that almost killed me in Spring Training. I told him the story. He said, “Baseball players will always get a ball for a pretty lady and next time don’t try to catch it with your bare hands. Major leaguers won’t try that. It really hurts!” I guess I better start bringing my glove. I’m a dork; I don’t care. Or maybe next time, I’ll just duck. Who am I kidding? I am not catching a baseball after a couple of beers.

Wow, I haven’t even started to recap anyone else’s scores and this is over 1300 words. I’m sorry. Scout should fire me. 😉

I have a lot to do today. I’m on my own with the girl. We have a girl’s day planned. Her new favorite song is “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” She asks me to play it over and over. I stress the “when the WORKING DAY is done” part, honey. It’s not all fun and games.

Please recap your own games.  Sorry about Heyward, Cubs fans. And Reddick, A’s fans. Injuries, the part of the game that truly sucks besides pitchers batting. Last year, my team suffered catastrophic injuries to our starting rotation, I think only Archer and Odorizzi didn’t get hurt. Hopefully, y’all have the depth. It’ll have to be good enough.

Have a great Saturday.


13 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? Deep Thoughts, Jack Handey Edition. (5/21/16)

  1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is an awesome song. You’re raising that kid right. 🙂

    Speaking of players who have been forgiven for transgressions, CC was strong in his first start back from the DL. I think there are a lot of factors explaining that – he had always been seen as a model citizen, we never really saw what his drinking problem did to his family, he reached out and asked for help. I struggle with forgiving Miggy because there were multiple offenses alcohol-related, but hopefully he’s gotten his wake-up call.

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    1. It’s our theme song.

      For me, I never thought CC needed forgiveness. What did he do wrong? The drinking? He was only hurting himself, his team, his family. He didn’t drive. He didn’t get arrested. It’s not a SIN. It’s a sin. He didn’t owe me an apology. He didn’t get on my road and try to kill me.


    1. This is VERY surprising, someone from our place just made an article about Baseball, not to mention it’s MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. And I thought they’re busy with all that overrated PBA stuff.

      HOLY CRAP.


  2. Cabrera got a pass because it was pre-Ray Rice. Before the main stream started to really cover and get passionate over these issues. There has been a surge in the women’s movement recently, and it spent a lot of effort and focus on Domestic Violence. He wouldn’t get away with it today. The reason no one brings it up currently is because people have very short memories, especially about things they may not really want to think of. Personally, I didn’t even know of this issue, so I’m just now finding out about it.


  3. So the re-vamped Jays’ lineup seems to be paying dividends, although the caveat here is that it IS against the Twins.

    The long ball was the difference last night, with 7 of Toronto’s 9 runs accounted for by 4 home runs. Donaldson started it off with a 2-run shot (his 10th) in the 3rd, and it snowballed from there.

    The move of the game, in my opinion, came in the Jays’ 5-run sixth. With a run already in, runners on first and second, and two out, the next scheduled batter was light-hitting Ryan Goins. Sensing a chance to break open the 3-1 game, Gibbons pulled his best defensive 2B from the game and went with hot hitting Jimmy Paredes, who rewarded him with an RBI single that knocked Twins’ starter Tyler Duffey out of the game and brought up Jose Bautista, who promptly greeted reliever Trevor May with a 3-run homer. Saunders and Darwin Barney (who subsequently replaced Paredes defensively) also homered. Aaron Sanchez went 7 strong innings, allowing only 2 ER on 8 hits and 7 K.

    This move by Gibbons was discussed by Buck and Pat in the booth, and Buck (having managerial experience himself) said that it’s one of those moves that, if it works, you look like a genius, and if it doesn’t, you look like an idiot. Good thing it worked for Gibby this time, because he is presumed to be on the hot seat right now, although one might argue that his counterpart across the diamond last night is in a more tenuous situation. Twins fall to 10-31 for the worst record in baseball.

    Fun fact: Since it opened, Bautista has used Target Field as his personal hitting playground. In 19 games there, he has 28 hits, 12 of them home runs, and sports a .359/.438/.885 slash line.


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