What’s Next For Former Major Leaguer Park Chan-ho? Harsh Military Exercise

(Via SK MBC entertainment…)

Former Major leaguer Park Chan-ho retired from Baseball last 2012, playing for the Hanwha Eagles in South Korea’s KBO league… this after playing 17 years of pro ball in the US Major leagues. But, adventure time isn’t over yet for Park… as he’s here still up and running, trying to take on more challenging things in life other than Baseball. Here, in this MBC entertainment show titled as the “Real Men 2 challenge”, Park will participate in South Korea’s grueling military training/exercise  that’s being held at Cheorwon county, in the Gangwon province (that is very near Korea’s Demilitarized Zone, right next to the border with North Korea)… actors/sports celebs alike, all must do the same and act same, and follow their CO’s strict orders, no exceptions.

ROK military, former Major leaguer Park Chan-ho, taken during the “Real Men” TV shoot.

Back in year 1998 when Park was still with the LA Dodgers, he was supposed to participate in ROK’s military training service, like any other South Korean should do, but due to the South Korean team winning the gold medal in Bankok, Thailand against team Japan in the finals in that time, with Park on the roster, in a 13-1 victory against their rivals… the South Korean government waived their 3 year mandatory military service to those athletes who wins a gold medal in international sporting events/tourneys (still in effect), so yeah… this will be his first time participating here. Now, knowing that this is just a preview of Park’s participation in the “Real Men 2 Challenge” event, we still don’t know how many weeks or months exactly he’ll be staying there, but one thing is for sure, it’ll be a fun (still, won’t be surprised if there’s gonna be bad experiences along the way though), but one heck of an experience for the former Major leaguer, Park Chan-ho. Along some of those who are participating in this same event with Park will be; South Korean actor Ryu Seung-soo, and KBS comedy actors and Twins… Lee Sang-ho, and Lee Sang-min. Highlights will be shown and televised via MBC entertainment, will start this upcoming Sunday night (Saturday in the US).

3 thoughts on “What’s Next For Former Major Leaguer Park Chan-ho? Harsh Military Exercise

  1. Well, Park will now have to endure the vitriol and excoriation of the North Korean propaganda machine for participating in these provocative, evil warlike exercises and threatening to bring the peninsula to the brink of incineration as the indomitable people’s republic reduces its filthy craven enemies to ashes – but at least he won’t have to read Bill Plaschke anymore.


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