Flexible Much?


Via PDB, SK street Baseball. These guys are well known for gathering random people to show some of their pitching skills, mostly around the streets of Seoul, South Korea… but, they’re actually traveling pretty much around anywhere in the country, in search of people with Baseball talents, and also, playing with people they don’t even know (men, women, kids, old), even with those who have little to no experience in playing the sport, but are curious to learn, or know more… just showing them how fun this game is. And, based from the video above… they found one intriguing dude a while ago (probably from a university or hs), letting him demonstrate his so called art of “flexible style” pitching in front of em…

(Still though, more like a guide on how to break an elbow… shiver.)

One thought on “Flexible Much?

  1. I like that. It just goes to show how many ways there are to generate velocity. My little brother used to spin halfway around and fall on his ass every time he tried to uncork a really hard throw when we played stickball as kids — which, by the way, set the pattern by which he would lead most of his life thereafter.

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