A Sleepy Midnight Snack

Hey pals.

I was at the Cubs and Brewers game tonight. I had to leave early because it takes me about two hours or so to get home and I have a big day tomorrow.

I left in the seventh.

The game is still going.

Life isn’t fair.

I’m tired, my butt hurts from driving to and from Milwaukee, and I’m still trying to figure out who’s gonna win this thing.

But I DID get to see this awesome play, and it was even more impressive in person.

My wee child Scooter, so proud.

PS John Lackey is gross, pass it on.

5 thoughts on “A Sleepy Midnight Snack

  1. We’re going to see the Royals and Mariners in Kansas City in July. The night before, we’re going to see Louis CK @ the Sprint Center. This will most likely be the only new stadium we check off this season.


      1. Most definitely. Really looking forward to that and it’s only seven miles from the stadium. We toyed with the idea of bracketing the concert with a Cardinals game, too, but we decided to leave the Redbirds for another year.


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