So, What Did I Miss? Please Help a Single Momma Out Edition. (5/18/16)

Why are there so many teams anyway? We should really think about getting rid of a few. Can we have a tribute? Atlanta? You seem to be having a rough go of things lately. I kid…  I do not want to contract any teams but I also cannot recap tonight. The girl had her ice skating, my boys had their game, and I am exhausted and I don’t feel well. If you want to know your scores. Click here. Tell me what happened. And DON’T FORGET TO GIVE ME A SONG. I love music. Dammit. Just forget your recap and post a link to a song. 🙂 That will make me feel better.

Alright… my boys were not nice to the Blue Jays. Normally, Stroman has our number. He has defeated us twice this season. But maybe seeing his mentor knocked down and shook him up. I can’t lie. I do have some level of admiration for the young man, and I think currently he is being misguided, and I get it. If I were him, I would likely look up to the same people. At the same time, he needs to start thinking a little critically and with a little less group think. It can be done. Look at Brandon McCarthy and Dan Haren. Stroman is a college graduate now so I expect a little more from him now although maybe I am asking a little bit too much of a Duke grad.

So, the game. I kind of lost track after the 8th run. We smacked the living crap out of the Blue Jays again. I cannot tell a lie. It felt so good. So Bitch Face did get a one game suspension (oh, the horror) and he like a man, is scontesting so he played. He hit a HR, a very deep one. He even got a standing O from his home town crowd prior to that at bat. Did I say I didn’t like Jays’s fans? Ah.. nbjays is kinda the exception. I don’t really like Toronto fans. I would not support this douche on my team. Anyway, I have to say, his jack was pretty good.

but my team’s sauce was better. We won…  uh, 12-2? Wow. Wooooooo. Cough, wheeze, hack … cough. sorry.

Okay, I really don’t feel well. I hope you do understand.

Please tell me what I missed.


24 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? Please Help a Single Momma Out Edition. (5/18/16)

  1. Mets. Nats.

    Syndegaard – 7IPs, 10Ks, 5 hits.

    Scherzer – 6.1IPs, 10Ks, 3 hits, 3 walks, 2 runs.

    Granderson, Home Run on first pitch of the game.

    Conforto, Home Run in 3rd.

    Mets 2, Nats 0.


    1. As for a song selection, I listened to the game on the radio last night, which takes me back to my misspent youth, and a time (the 70s) when radio was the only way for me to catch games featuring my favorite team. So, 70s, New York, why not…

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      1. The radio is an underrated way to catch a game, unless you are Yankees fan. If you are a Yankees fan, suicide is an option over Sterling-Waldman. Great song choice. I snuck many a Mets game after bedtime as a kid on my Sony Walkman in bed on the radio in the 1980s.


  2. Yanks lost because Pineda shit the bed again, Greinke was really good until his BP let him down, sun rises in the East…yadda yadda yadda


      1. Because the Yanks emphasize throwing strikes, I wonder if they have an organizational problem. Batters know the ball will be in/around the strike zone. Is there a happy medium between “not walking any” and “walking the ball park”? Could you have a purposeful walk?

        Also this doesn’t help either:

        Pineda –
        0 Outs: .232/.271/.393
        1 Outs: .212/.311/.327
        2 Outs: .447/.488/.882(!)

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        1. My mother is one of those fans who gets angry when every pitch isn’t a strike. She doesn’t get that they can’t all be strikes. Apparently, neither do the Yankees?

          Ah, he suffers from Erasmo Syndrome. No third time through the line-up. The Yankees have not figured this out yet? Your team is funny.


  3. Cubs got no-hit for 7 innings in Milwaukee by a guy who came into the game with a 6.11 ERA and a .313 AVG / .948 OBP against him in his previous 7 starts this year. When “they” say the games aren’t played on paper, “they” are referring to shit like this.

    Zobrist broke up the no-hitter with a double to the base of the centerfield wall in the 8th, but was stranded. Heyward & Bryant hit back to back shots to knock him out of the game with 2 out in the 9th. That was Heyward’s first HR as a Cub, and he’s been showing signs of life lately, so maybe he’ll finally get going….but that’s all the silver lining I see here.

    Oh well. Today is a chance to make it better.

    Fun Fact – There has only been 1 no-hitter ever thrown at Miller Park. It was thrown by the Cubs’ Carlos Zambrano against the Houston Astros. It’s the only neutral-site no-hitter in MLB history (although, considering how many Cubs fans made the short drive to Milwaukee from Chicago for that game, it didn’t feel like a neutral site). It’s kinda funny to watch the condensed video of the game, because current Cubs broadcaster Jim Deshaies was calling games for the Astros back then.

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  4. I guess that last night was declared “NL pitchers all strike out 10 or more” night.
    Velasquez, 10k vs Feesh
    Syndergaard, 10k vs Nats
    Scherzer, 10k vs Mets ( in a loss)
    BadFace Bumgardner, 11k vs Padres
    Kershaw, 11k vs Angles
    Did somebody spike the coolers?

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  5. I don’t need to recap cause Old Gator did it for me while drowning in sorrow in Titanic Memes. As for the Rays? Wow, Another 10+ run day? Why, that’s just like another day… in Paradise


  6. Tigers put up 7 in the 7th, way to kick out the jams. Pretty appropriate since this season has probably caused many Tiger fans to down a few 7 & 7s. Kinsler with a HR for the 3rd straight game. Beautiful Brad had to sit this one out for his tantrum/striptease on Monday. Someone woke up Gene Lamont and gave him the car keys for the night.

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  7. Clayton Kershaw has 88 strikeouts against 4 walks in 70 innings. His K/BB ratio is 22. This is the best K/BB ratio for any pitcher with at least 70 IP in MLB history.

    Kershaw’s career ERA of 2.40 is 13th since 1900 for pitcher with at least 250 starts.

    I just feel lucky that I’ve been able to see him pitch for his entire career.

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      1. He’s a phenomenal teammate as well. I can’t think of many aces who cheer as hard when they’re not pitching or take their role as ace more seriously.


        1. Kershaw’s Challenge is a great foundation. Clayton and Ellen are amazing people.

          They get far less attention, but Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi are improving lives in Africa and the United States through the Hamels Foundation. They built a school in Malawi and have more big plans.

          Sadly, athlete and celebrity charities are notoriously shady and should be scrupulously vetted before you support them. Wyclef Jean belongs in a Haitian prison right now.

          One of my favorite charities is Operation Smile. They’re able to repair a child’s cleft palate for just $240 and it completely changes that young person’s life.

          I’m also partial to anything that protects the rights of wolves and wildlife in general.

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      2. Maybe, but he’s still a long way off, and he’s probably going to need to get better.

        Kershaw’s best bWAR season is 7.8.

        Maddux had four seasons with a higher bWAR, including two seasons over 9.

        Pedro also had four seasons with a higher bWAR, 8.0, 9.0, 9.7, and 11.7 (goddamn that’s a huge fucking number)

        Randy had eight….yes, eight….seasons with a bWAR of 8.0 or better, with two seasons in the 10’s.

        So Kershaw either needs to get better and start hitting those 9+ bWAR marks….or age very gracefully. If he can maintain the 7.5 bWAR he’s put up each of the last two seasons for each of the next 7, then that would work too.

        I’m not trying to shit on Kershaw here. I love watching the man work and he’ll almost certainly be the best pitcher of this generation. But he’s got some serious work to do in order to be in that super-elite level when it’s all over.


        1. Working in his favor is the fact that he just turned 28. Obviously he was an outlier, but at this age Randy Johnson had never put up a season with a bWAR higher than 3. If Kershaw doesn’t suffer some kind of debilitating injury, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say he could pitch another ten years including this one. Even maintaining this 7.5 bWAR level for his peak (and he’s currently on pace for nine bWAR this year), that gives him plenty of room to glide into 100 WAR.


        2. I’d love to see him go another decade at this level.

          He’s a lot of fun to watch, and he’s been on my roster in my keep-forever league for his entire career. The longer that career goes, the happier I am.


    1. I have nothing against Kershaw. I love him. He is the Best Pitcher Alive Active overall. Nothing you have said is false and only an idiot would argue.

      With this last performance, Kershaw has now taken over the Best Pitcher of 2016 from Sale. 2.8 bWAR. Chris Sale’s move, 2.5 bWAR. Of course, Sale does have the harder job. He faces a DH. 🙂

      Sale also seems like kind of a jerk (, but I don’t care about his value as a human at the moment. I am just interested in how they pitch. No human value component in WAR.


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