Brad Ausmus Suspended 1 Game For Tirade

Tigers manager “Beautiful” Brad Ausmus was suspended 1 game for his….colorful ejection Tuesday night against the Minnesota Twins.  Asumus’ tirade was memorable for several reasons, including his removal of his sweatshirt and subsequent placement over home plate, but also because a television feed was a little late in cutting out the audio and captured Ausmus’ using very colorful language toward home plate umpire Doug Eddings.


I don’t recall the last time a manager received a suspension for an ejection (That didn’t involve said manager returning to the field/dugout), even if this one is a little more animated than most.  The sweatshirt thing while amusing isn’t nearly as bad as some of the ejections we’ve seen including a manager removing bases and throwing them about, or using the rosin bag as a grenade, or covering the plate with as much dirt as possible.  The big issue here is Asumus getting audio of him cursing out the umpire and that spreading across social media.  So once again a suspension seems to be dictated not based on merit or the actual actions of the person in question, but rather the fallout online as this is most certainly not the first time a person lobbed multiple obscenities at an umpire.  This is very troubling behavior for MLB indeed.

18 thoughts on “Brad Ausmus Suspended 1 Game For Tirade

  1. I think you are overlooking another option and that is that Brad was suspended because he took off his sweatshirt but had another shirt underneath making it a VERY disappointing strip-tease.

    PS the feed had actually cut away to commercial and then immediately came back on — hence my observation before that someone in the booth “accidentally” aired it on purpose.


    1. Actually, you kind of raise an interesting question. Did the undershirt display a logo of a product/company not specifically approved by MLB therefore being a uniform violation? I know the NFL takes those things VERY seriously due to corporate sponsorships.


        1. Now I feel self conscious for noticing he’s getting stuck in the knee by a Weimarainer wiener or a Weimawiener, if you will.


  2. When I saw the video of him putting the sweatshirt over the plate, I adopted a Pedro Cerano voice and said “Must keep plate warm.”


  3. In a spirit of camaraderie, I want to respond to Ausmus’ one day suspension the same bloodthirsty way all you slavering orcs out there responded to the lenient suspensions proffered the survivors of the Texas-Toronto brouhaha of martial fame and glory:

    What? Only one day’s suspension? Why, they should

    and then they should

    and then for good measure they should

    And then they should leave him for the rats!


    1. Whoa! I thought the CIA accidentally shredded those docs. Gator, if there’s a knock at your door in the next five minutes, you might want to check through the peephole for black sunglasses.

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