Odor Says He Respects Bautista



While he awaits his as certain as death and taxes suspension, Rougned Odor says the following about his combatant, Jose Bautista, according to MLB.com:

“It’s part of the game,” Odor said.
“I respect him. He plays hard.”

I still want a tattoo of that punch on my bicept (sic).

Click on the link for the full interview.

It’s funny. Casual fans, even non-baseball people here at work are talking about this fight. Again, Jose Bautista made people talk about baseball. Maybe not for baseball related reasons, but he made baseball exciting with his bitch face. I have to laugh. I may not like him, but he does make things interesting. In that way, he is good for the game.

15 thoughts on “Odor Says He Respects Bautista

  1. Eight games. Way to let public opinion do your job for you, Joe. You bullpen abusing empty suit, fuck you.

    And fuck MLB for trickling out the information.

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  2. I lost all respect for the guy when he decided he was going to “break” the impetuous youngster Matt Kemp by batting him eighth most of the time. In 2009, Kemp finished 10th in MVP voting and more than half of his ABs came from the 6-9 holes.

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