18 thoughts on “MLB Bunch Of Mewling Spineless Wankers

  1. Gonna wait for official word from MLB, because multiple sources are reporting different things “unofficially”. Sportsnet is reporting (unofficially) that Bautista got 1 game, which isn’t much but it isn’t “nothing” (which I don’t see anywhere in your linked article). Sportsnet’s tally:

    Odor – 8
    Gibbons – 3
    Chavez – 3
    Andrus – 1
    Bautista – 1


    1. That slide was not clean…that slide would have been considered dirty last year and was already against the rules (the “new” rules don’t actually outlaw anything that wasn’t already illegal, they just let umpires change how they call games without admitting they’ve been ignoring the rules…just like the “new” catcher rules, which aren’t anything new either).

      If you are already past the base before your ass touches the ground and you are targeting a guys standing leg as he makes the turn, it is not a clean slide.

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    2. No, that slide was illegal by the old rules and the new rules created to enforce the old rules. Bautista was clearly retaliating like the coward and jerk he is for the hit by pitch towards an innocent and defenseless player. His level of assjackery needs to be punished. He also illegally slid into Logan Forsythe earlier this season, remember? Bautista needs to learn to play by the rules. Fortunately for him, my rooting interest has taken the high road. So far.

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      1. Plus, after the game he even admitted that the slide was intended to “send a message”….with the only possible message being, “if you hit me with a pitch, I’m going to try to injure a player on your team”.

        Odor is no saint, but that is completely irrelevant. There is no morality which states that if a person is predisposed to fight that it is okay to assault them.

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