Live from Braves Country, a Midnight Snack

Where is Braves Country, you ask? Anywhere I lay my head is Braves Country because I am a Braves fan. It’s difficult to love something so much and live so far away from it (story of my life), but there are many among us who have the same horrible problem. Shoutout to all of my international brothers and sisters who have it worse than I do.

Anyway, there was big news in Braves Country today. We had ourselves a little going away party, and it was about three years too late. Much like the time Fredi forgot that they had a guy named Craig Kimbrel in the bullpen fired up and ready to go during the playoffs.

Oh, those were fun times, fun times indeed. I like to remember that fun moment when I need to raise my blood pressure.

Do I think it’s fair that Fredi got fired now? Actually, no. It’s probably because of the dismal record that Atlanta currently has, and that’s not on Fredi. That rest solely on the shoulders of the front office that has dismantled this team and put out a moldy, born-on-date of 2008 product in its place. We often say around here that managers don’t win games, and on face value, it’s true. However, they sure as hell can lose games and Fredi’s record does not show how many games he lost, as opposed to how many games they lucked into winning.

Braves Fam Twitter – much like most baseball twitter fanbases – has a mixture of irrational people, blind sheep, and people who are insanely bitter about the team they grew up loving. I follow many of the above. After I got the news that the Braves tipped their cap to Fredi, I immediately went onto Twitter to see the reactions from average Joes and #BravesFam alike, and I was not disappointed. Here are a few tweets gathered from today’s carnage.

So long, Fredi. Honeybaked Ham stores everywhere weep in your memory.


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