Braves Fire Manager Fredi Gonzalez

The Braves have decided to fire manager Fredi Gonzalez today after one of the worst starts in the team’s 140 year history.  The Braves have started off at 9-28.  The Braves will promote Brian Snitker from their AAA franchise to serve as interim manager.  Bench coach Carlos Tosca was also fired and will be replaced by first-base coach Terry Pendleton.  Eddie Perez will move from bullpen coach to first base coach, and AAA Pitching coach Marty Reed will take over for Perez.

Although it’s widely known that the Braves are in the midst of a rebuilding effort that gutted the major league team while fortifying the minor league system, Gonzalez had long been a lightning rod for criticism from fans and some media members, and he ultimately paid the price for the team’s dismal performance.

Gonzalez, 52, was in his sixth season as Braves manager after replacing his mentor, Bobby Cox, when the legendary Braves manager retired after the 2010 season. He is the first Braves manager fired since Russ Nixon was dumped in June 1990 and replaced by Cox.

There was considerable criticism of Gonzalez during much of his time as Braves manager, despite the fact his teams won 89, 94 and 96 games in his first three seasons through 2013 and won the National League East in 2013, their first division title since 2005.

The writing has been on the wall for Gonzalez for some time, as speculation has been swirling for weeks about Gonzalez’s pending termination.  Management decided to give it more time, and it would seem that time is now up.  I’m not entirely sure a change in management will help this Braves team however. It’s not exactly like he was directing the team to NOT hit home-runs.

With this move, MLB is now without any Hispanic managers.  Expect to hear some discussion on this in the near future.

11 thoughts on “Braves Fire Manager Fredi Gonzalez

  1. Fredi Gonzalez is not responsible for the Barves being 9-28. Independently of the results on the field this year, Fredi Gonzalez still deserved to be fired.

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  2. The only surprise to me is how long they kept Fredi around. I half expected him to be run out of town on the same rail as Frank Wren, as did most Barves’ fans likely did. I think we’ll see Snitker stay interim for the rest of the season and then Terry Pendleton will get the job when it becomes non-interim (“permanent” doesn’t apply to baseball managers).


    • I always liked Pendelton when he played here, though that seems like it was during the late Cretaceous now. Several regimes ago. He was intelligent, eloquent and often funny, and interviews with him about baseball were always interesting. I hope you’re right.


    • Terry’s great. I have no doubt he’d be a fine manager. However…the well is poisoned, and what the Braves need is someone with no history with the organization. No Wren, no Bobby Cox, no Scheurholtz. They need someone to break through the stalemale that allowed this to happen in the first place.

      I keep hearing Bud Black. Interesting choice.


  3. Poor form from the Barves front office. Freddie shouldn’t feel too bad, he’s getting paid for the rest of the season regardless.


      • He should probably watch torturous movies such as Waterworld or Titanic to replicate the feeling each evening. Keep in big league shape.


        • He ought to watch Benigni’s Pinocchio. That’ll leave him feeling like he just won his third consecutive World Series.


      • Emailed a fucking fired notice while on your way to work in a limousine is kinda how the Tale of Slappy was SUPPOSED to be! However as I am the only Red Sox fan that most people don’t automatically HATE, I have a good thing to talk about with the family.

        I’m gonna chase to the cut as being a football, baseball fan before the 2000s , life has been extremely good as a sports fan, at least for the last 15 years.

        I haven’t seen more than one inning of a Red Sox game yet this season. I’m fully aware that I am now a fraud who is posting just from reading what did I miss and, ( please forgive me, it’s a weakness) ESPN highlights.I am working ungodly hours and I check out this site on my phone. I work in a open kitchen in one of my jobs and that is where I get to see baseball. TV’S everywhere and I am so afraid not to work harder than everyone half my age that I don’t get to eat or even smoke a friggan cigarette.

        What I am saying is; I would love to respond to each and every one of you because you are all my favorites from the old place, I just don’t have the time to be Badhair’s evil side with the quick temper and poor critical thinking debate skills, As most of you know I use ” fuck” as a noun, verb, and a fucking superlative! I will continue to follow my favorite bloggers and ALWAYS upvote my favorites ( Old Gator, perhaps it wouldn’t fucking kill you to occasional hit the upvote button yourself?) and I will always respond to comments.

        I’m gonna say that while I feel that Historio may inwardly feel repulsed by my serenaded her showing up wearing green crocks, playing Rush on the panflute with a diaper, I’m of the opinion that The Professor and Indaburg would let me at least sleep outside after giving me shots. They are more open minded than yesterday!

        See you tomorrow?

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