So, What Did I Miss? RBF Edition. (5/16/16)


Well, yesterday was certainly an interesting day. Scout did a nice job summarizing the finer points of yesterday’s Blue Jays-Rangers game: “I went to a boxing match and baseball game broke out.” Fisticuffsmanship! While no one ever wants to see anyone get hurt, I, for one, love a good baseball rivalry, and we have ourselves a genuine no holds barred “I Hate You” rivalry, the likes we haven’t seen in a long time. I don’t know who was right or wrong, but upon further review, that slide into second was really, really hard into Odor and Odor kind of spoke for many when he gave Bautista that punch to the face. Yes, I loved the bat flip… but the curse words I have unleashed towards the Permanent Resting Bitch Faced Right Fielder would make a sailor blush. I have a feeling people will be talking about this one for awhile. Oh, the score? The Rangers won 7-6. Eight of them got ejected, and two Blue Jays. That’s part of the score too.

Here is what two assholes had to say about it. Sorry, anytime you use the phrase “play baseball the right way”, you sir, are an asshole. Congrats. Also, the team with an “apparent lack of leadership” is doing a whole lot better in the standings (22-16) than your team (19-20)… so about that? Not so much. And we all know why Gibbons is an ass.

I’ll tell you how I really feel about it later. I’m not awake yet and I am fairly certain I have a fever.

A’s 7-Rays 6. Really tough loss in St. Pete, one of those heart breakers. This is one of those games you don’t forget. The Rays had a 5-1 lead late in the game and they squandered it. The probability of winning was quite high–I took lots of math and did well. I understand probability. Apparently, no one explained probability to Danny Valencia, who hit an improbable 3 HRs yesterday. I actually laughed out loud when he hit the 3rd one. I couldn’t believe it. I hope the sewer pipes burst in and his jock itches today. Prick. 🙂

I see the news gets even worse. The Yankees and Red Sox won–their fans happy make me really grumpy (except for you slappy). The Orioles (my choice to take the AL East in lieu of my Rays–I know Angelos’ niece and she is wonderful), Mets, and Cubs lost. Cardinals won. That all sucks. Yesterday really did suck! More Smiths!

Marlins 5-Nationals 1. This one sucks too. Some guy in Virginia seems like a nice person while Loria is a jerk and Old Gator has lost his damned mind.  My methods are highly scientific, logical, and reasoned. Just call me Mr. Spock. #freeFernandezandStanton

Angels 3-Mariners 0. Santiago almost pitches a no-no.

Reds 9-Phillies 4. The Reds avoid being swept.

Pirates 2-Cubs 1. As do the Pirates. Classic pitchers duel between Cole and Lester, which Lester flirting with a no-hitter. The bats were afraid.

Giants 2-D’backs 1. Giants sweep, crazy review ends the game.

Twins 5-Cleveland 1. Twins get their first road win.

I have to get ready for work. You can recap your own team below if you are so inclined, or if I missed something. I’m definitely not perfect. Thanks.


32 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? RBF Edition. (5/16/16)

  1. As I said in one of the comment sections around these parts about 10 days ago, I’m hoping for an 8-2 homestand, but I’d be happy with 7-3. So this is my happy face…

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      1. Is that screen cap from “The Craft”?

        I appreciate the sentiment above, Indy, and I’ll try to live up to expectations here. Nothing to report from the Nats/Marlins game that Old Gator didn’t already cover in his post, and I was too busy coaching basketball yesterday to see any of the game, anyway.

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        1. I was trying to remember the name of that movie. Ever since I saw her in American History X, that’s kind of overwritten everything else I’d seen her in.


    1. Um, did I miss where you took the HR Derby entries for this week? I wanted to make a futile choice in Prince Fielder this week. 😦


  2. The Conch staggered to another loss in Bernie Sandersville land. You know where all the pot smoking socialist democrats live. It’s been a disastrous load trip for the squad. Three homers by Danny Valencia! Who knew? Well apparently I did as I wrote this paragraph as part of a recap back on August 2, 2015 when I used to visit the old country for no men, or whatever they call themselves.
    “The Rays should take a look at Danny Valencia recently released by the Jays. Sporting a line of 296/331/506 with an 864 OPS against lefthanders, he plays infield/outfield positions. He carries a salary of 1.675m won in arbitration last year, a number the Rays can handle. The red flag for Danny is he gets traded, a lot! There could be a number of lesions underneath him that are not readily discernible with the naked eye, providing the impetus for the constant movement among clubs.”
    I always enjoy giving it up to myself!
    Right now I am more concerned with the turtle flying down the wrong way on I-4 in Volusia county FLA, crashing through the windshield of a car on the highway. The turtle survived with minimal injuries. I was curious (yellow) about the aspects of a flying turtle. So I called down to the gals in our physics department and was told they were “working on it.”
    The Conch take on the punchless Northern Barbarian Nation next. Hopefully Homeland Security will detain these usurpers for their criminal activity in Texas.
    Yer pal

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      1. I have been negotiating with barbarians and “walking to and fro upon the earth.” Lots of stuff going on with Cuba right now. Beware of capitalists bearing gifts. I think Homer said that. Can I start my own threads or does that take a secret handshake? No matter, I’m here. Light up the sky with the Bat Signal and” I’ll be around.” (Spinners 1973) At least when you ask me, “Where have you been,” I’m not another man coming in at 3 a.m. TP


        1. I apologize for my last sentence, I hope you didn’t take that personally, I meant it rhetorically. Please forgive me. TP


  3. If I’m MLB, I’m sending the entire league a message this week. We have seen all to often recently, players/managers getting ejected, then returning to the field or not even leaving in the first place. MLB needs to hand Gibbons a hefty suspension for that, outside of the penalty for the brawl. I get why he did it, and if I were a manager I’d do the same, but once you are ejected, you are not allowed to return, period. It’s been happening more and more lately and it’s total crap.

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      1. Just off the top of my head, Papelbon was ejected last year and never left the dugout.

        Harper returned, but the game was technically over, so that’s okay I suppose but still a little suspect, and clearly was not a good idea anyways.

        John Farrell returned after ejection the other day on Papi’s meltdown. (I’m not sure he ever actually left)

        Carlos Gomez took his sweet time last year leaving.

        I want to say there were a few others, but nothing I can recall at the moment.


      2. Harper got suspended, in part, one presumes, for returning to the field last Monday night to celebrate a walk-off HR that happened two pitches after he’d been ejected from the game. That’s not allowed, under the rules, although his shouting “Fuck You!” at umpire Brian Knight during his return to the field doubtless contributed to the suspension, too…


        1. So the question becomes for how long following the conclusion of the game does the player need to remain off the field/out of the dugout?


        2. Well, the rule (6.04(d)) reads:

          ” When a manager, player, coach or trainer is ejected from
          a game, he shall leave the field immediately and take no further
          part in that game. He shall remain in the club house or change
          Rule 6.03(b) to 6.04(d)
          2016 Official Baseball Rules (PDF)_2016 Official Baseball Rules 3/15/16 2:38 PM Page 82
          to street clothes and either leave the park or take a seat in the
          grandstand well removed from the vicinity of his team’s bench
          or bullpen.”

          Now to the question of when the game ends, I guess (in that case) it’s when Clint Robinson touches home plate, although the Tigers asked for a review of the play, so maybe the game didn’t end till after the review was done.

          In either case, Harper was on the field before the game actually ended, and he also confronted the umpire during his return, so…


        3. Okay, that’s a good point. We think of the game as being over when the ball crosses the fence, but the play isn’t completed until the batter touches home.


  4. O’s got hosed by a shitty call by the first base umpire, calling a very clear check swing that should have been strike three to end the inning, a ball. Next pitch? Home Run. Next pitch after that? Home Run. O’s lose by one. Yes, O’Day threw some crap pitches, and that’s on him. But it’s also really hard to win ball games when good hitters get 4 strikes. Birds have the day off before facing the red hot Mariners.

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  5. Astros were in a clear position to leave Boston 3-1, and slink out of town 1-3. I’m just about ready to stick a fork in them. They’re done.

    And let me be the last hard case to jump off the Go-Go bandwagon. He seems to have descended from just being bad to losing games for the team all by himself.

    Disclaimer. I thought picking Gomez up was a coup for the Astros. Turned out it was the coup de grace for them. Better luck next time, Luhnow.

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  6. One-Run DMC wasn’t as dominant as their debut performance, but I’ll take the offense overcoming a poor showing from Tanaka to take down two of three from the AL-leading ChiSox.


  7. Nothing much to say about the Phillies. They lost 9-4. Their run differential is now -30. That usually translates to a very crappy record. According to that Greek prick from the Island of Samos the Phillies should be 15-23. Instead they are 22-16 in second place 1 game behind the Nationals. I don’t expect that to last though. Their outperforming expectations in part due to the fact that they are 14-3 in one run games. The best in MLB by far. How do you explain it?

    Mind over Matter

    BTW all you folks are really debbie downers today. Not one comment with some Music? You should know the drill by now folks.


      1. We also had something a bad night on the home right, my oldest had gas and it was painful for her. Although it took a while for her to get the idea across because whenever she’s upset or in pain she tends to clam out and getting words out of her is very hard. We weren’t sure if it was tummy or intestinal. We did the home remedy thing and it seemed to have helped, either that or something came loose in the gut reducing her bloating letting her sleep. By morning it was all gone like it never happened. Only baggy eyes remained as evidence of the previous night’s events.


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