Isn’t It Romantic?

I’m probably never getting married again, mostly because I think that I’m meant to live alone with a pet fish and my Braves pitchers shrine for the rest of my life. I would have loved a sweet baseball themed engagement, and my dream wedding would have been getting married on the pitcher’s mound at Wrigley Field, with friends and family standing along first and third base lines during the ceremony.

baseball-wedding-band-black-2I know that’s not possible for several reasons – I can’t imagine a major league club allowing civilians to stand on the pitcher’s mound for a wedding and – again – pretty sure that that ship (for me) has sailed. However, I live vicariously through happy couples who love baseball and each other.

Here are some fun engagements and cool weddings that I am incredibly jealous of.

This link has a lot of videos of ballpark proposals. I’m not keen on scoreboard proposals, but I see at least two a year at a game. Personally, I think the ones that are cute are the ones where the boyfriend gets a mascot involved. Because of course I would think that.  Not every baseball team allows proposals at their stadium. Most do, but many do not. The costs vary per team, as well. For example, in 2014 it would cost a prospective groom $1500 to pop the question at a Nationals game, while it would cost you a mere $50 to do the same at a Braves game. And if you’re an Angels fan, you’re out of luck, because they don’t offer proposal packages at the ballpark (neither do the Royals, Mets, or Blue Jays).

tc bear wedding
Imagine this well dressed bear at your wedding.

For $350, the Red Sox offer a scoreboard message and the happy couple is featured live on video board and greeted by Wally the Green Monster. For the very reasonable cost of $50, Paws the Tiger will have a fake trivia contest at the couple’s seats that ends in a surprise proposal, plus the Tigers throw in a baseball decorated with message and date of the proposal. (Make sure you watch the Paws video in the ballpark proposal video link, because that’s too precious.) Billy the Marlin offers the future bride a dozen roses, while Rangers Captain also gives the couple flowers. Again, crazy jealous of anyone who has a cute mascot helping them in a happy time in their lives.

When it comes time to actually tie the knot, not every stadium allows weddings, either. But that doesn’t have to keep you from having a ballpark wedding. There are different ways to have a baseball themed wedding. Some are regular weddings that just happen to take place at a stadium. Some are all baseball, all the time. The Brewers offer lots of different options for weddings and receptions as well.  The Cubs not only host weddings, they do it on game days, too! This happy couple got married recently during a game, complete with Cubs cupcakes.

oriole bird weddingEven if you don’t want to get engaged or married at the ballpark, you can get a mascot to come bless your union.  This happy couple had the Oriole Bird at their ceremony, which would be adorable. One couple had all of the Racing Sausages. Another couple had TC Bear in a top hat. How fun would that be?

So, if you are a couple who love baseball and each other, a baseball themed marriage ceremony is a fun option for you. And as Billy Beane would say, “How can you not get romantic about baseball?”

12 thoughts on “Isn’t It Romantic?

    1. Yet another in a long line of dreams I had that died a slow, quiet death. Oh well. It was presumptuous of me to ever think I could ever truly be happy and content with my life.

      Maybe I should follow Hamlet’s advice, and go then, to a nunnery.


        1. Yeah, I’m sure that’s not the nunnery I’m entering. Besides,even if it was the kind of nunnery, I’m the fat funny friend nun, not the sexy nun. Either way, Sir Galahad and I will not be partaking in vespers.


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