So, What Did I Miss? Everything! (5/15/16)

Did you bet on the Rays like I told you to do yesterday? Easy money. I told you we were going to win. Mom and I were there. One way or another, we were going to get the A’s.

I could not have expected such complete dominance though-6-0. Young Matt Andriese in his second start of the year held the A’s to two hits in his first career complete game shut-out. He flirted with a Maddux. This also marked the end of a very long streak for Oakland. They had not been shut-out for 57 games, the longest streak in the majors. I may just be a witch after all, ha!

I lost my shit at this double play. Thank you Baltimore! I love Steve Pearce!

It felt electric there last night–perhaps atomic?

The Trop does look like a stadium after a nuclear fall-out. She’s not pretty, but she’s mine. If you need pretty places to have a good time, you’re spoiled rotten. I like my dive bar stadium.


h/t clydeserra for pointing this out to me. I saw the out but missed the exchange:

Souza Jr. as my favorite Ray is looking like a great choice. 🙂

As I mentioned, I was at the game with my mother, and we had the best time.


Every two strike count, we were cheering for our young pitcher. Every tough out, we were close to the dugout: “Next time!” I am a big believer in positive reinforcement. Even for Hank Conger. The older gentleman sitting next to us, his season tickets, loved it. They knew the people whose seats we had. “They are on vacation, good people.” I said, “Tell them we took good care of their seats.” At one point, I got up for my usual beer and hot dog. Mom, hot dog and water. Next guy over said, Cuban sandwich. Next guy over said,”Bud Light, please.” I laughed and recited the order. I got everyone what they wanted. The ladies next to me were upset. “You didn’t take our order!” Hey, they could’ve spoken up. The people were stunned I brought them back what they asked for. It was so cool to see their faces. I said, just pay it forward. I said, “Wait, you’re not Oakland fans, right? I need to take it all back if you are.” My generosity has limits.

Later, we found out it was not only Fedora hat give away night, and it is cute, it was also Teacher Appreciation Night. There were a lot of Pinellas County teachers in attendance. I am a huge fan of teachers. It’s a largely thankless job that they do because… they care? I can sometimes even barely stand my own two progeny –they drive me so insane. These people care for our children as if they are their own for hardly any money. They sang the 7th inning stretch:

Whenever I have a teacher for a patient, I thank them. They thank me for being a nurse, it’s a big thankfest.

At one point, the cavalry headed to the bullpen, lead by Alex Colome. I said loudly enough for him to hear, “Para la gente!” It’s a rallying cry for Dominicans. “For the people.” He stopped, turned, looked at us, and put his fist in the air. It was so cool! We had a substantial lead. I was hoping we wouldn’t be seeing him last night.

The game had a dance party on the field after the game. Time to celebrate and dance!

I danced with a handsome, sharply dressed 3 year old. Long sleeved red button down shirt, slacks. He looked ready for the disco. The kid could move. I complimented the mom on his outfit and she said, “He likes to dress up!”

Mom asked, “Can we do another game? That was so much fun.” I said, “Yes, soon. I promise.” I think Prince wrote “When Doves Cry” about my mother (“maybe you’re just like my  mother, she’s never satisfied”), so to see her happy was a real treat.

Honestly, I have no clue what happened in baseball yesterday so fill me in! I feel so out of the loop right now. Give me the details! Let me guess–the Cubs won? I’m psychic! 🙂

Total digression and complaint regarding the Cubs and espcifically, Anthony Rizzo. He stars in a new commercial for app. In it, he shows how useful the is. You can watch your game on your electronic device while you are in the shower. I do this too. The problem? Rizzo is showering in full uniform. What is up with that? How can I properly objectify him if is he is fully dressed?  Take it off. Who showers fully dressed? Crazy people. That is some bullshit, MLB. Throw us straight ladies and gay men a bone here…


In all seriousness, it is a great app, even if you don’t have the package. There is so much information and data, it will blow your mind.


Honestly, how breathtakingly beautiful was this woman? She still looks good.


45 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? Everything! (5/15/16)

  1. I still have my Steve Pearce bobble-head. He was a fan favorite, unfortunately there simply wasn’t any room for him on the roster. Glad he’s doing well.

    The O’s hit 4 more home runs yesterday, including a Jonathan Schoop grand slam (He also hit a solo home run earlier in the game).
    The Orioles are now riding their second 7 game win streak of the season and are looking to complete a 4 game sweep against the Tigers today.


      • The Cubs are gonna teach us how to play the Right Way?

        So, they’re a little aggressive at the plate. Honestly, I would have Kiermaier study Joey Votto until he mumbles his name in his sleep. KK is doing much better this year in terms of BB/K rate. His peripherals are good. BABIP .222.

        Dickerson is very aggressive. 28.3% rate. ISO .298. BA .183. BABIP .172. He is definitely HR or K. Usually K, but if it’s not, HR. Once this boy gets hot, the Rays should have their offense clicking. Add to the pot young pitching talent like Andriese, and Snell. I am not worried. The bats just need to heat.


        • Cubs ain’t teaching nobody nothing, except for how to take a beating on the scoreboard.

          Plenty of ways to skin the various cats of this game. The Cubs are going with the high scoring offense + run suppressing pitching + excellent defense approach. You are absolutely free to try something else.


  2. The Cubs did indeed win, not because you are psychic (or psychotic)…but because The Snake was on the mound.

    Arrieta did give up 3 hits yesterday. Strange. Even more strange, the Pirates strung all three of those hits together in the same inning, which is how they managed those two runs. I think Jake was just feeling bad for a team he’s absolutely dominated – 11 starts, 74 innings, 1.58 ERA, 0.74 WHIP – and decided to throw them a bone. He would have even been happy to let the Pirates have a third run that inning, but the defense decided not to allow it. And to further unravel Arrieta’s plans to be nice to the Pirates, the offense wasted no time in asserting their dominance. And I mean wasted absolutely no time, 3 batters later it was 3-2. After that, Arrieta got the message and allowed just 1 BB for the rest of the game. Way to back your teammates’ play, Jake.

    By the way Burgie….is Addison Russell your favorite player? Because he should be. Not only does he do things like this, he also uses your state’s greatest poet for his walkup music.

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  3. We had two or three seasons’ worth of weather here yesterday in the DC metroplex, and through it all the Nats and Feesh played and split a day/night twinbill. Game 1, won by the Nats 6-4, started under relatively balmy, pleasant conditions and ended in a near monsoon. Game 2 was played in dry, cool/cold, windy conditions, and the Nats rested half their lineup (including the suspended Harper) and seemed to fold up their tents early after the Marlins took a lead.

    Today’s another cool windy day, with temps near 60 and the wind blowing 20-30 mph; weather’s been weird here this month, and no telling what effect it’ll have on the game.


  4. Young Matt Andriese in his second start of the year held the A’s to two hits in his first career complete game shut-out. He flirted with a Maddux.

    Yawn. Can he hit? Can he bunt the runners over? Squeeze play? Wake me up when he hits a bomb into the upper deck. Ask Wainwright how to do it.

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      • He slid late and over slid the bag, which is technically illegal, but was borderline. I get him going in a little hard after being pissed after getting plunked, but he did get up and start to talk some shit and reared back to throw a punch himself, so I’d have to say that no one was totally innocent here, although Odor certainly overreacted in a big way.


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