Curt Schilling Endorses Trump; Happy to Have a Candidate as Dumb as He Is

I’ve been busy with non-baseball related stuff all weekend and was planning to recap the Feesh-Gnats series split as a whole when this bit of a headline burst from cyberspace like an escaped simian with the rage virus. What was until recently mere presumption has hardened into reality: Curt Schilling, who has either decided not to shave or has forgotten how to, “officially” endorsed Donald Trump for President today, according to a whole bunch of shocked media portals:

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t come as all that much of a surprise, and seems only noteworthy because America’s self styled most atavistic and willfully ignorant baseball blowhard relieved himself of a lengthy screed extolling, among other things,  keen student of Alfred P. Doolittle’s philosophy of philandering Donald Trump’s family values!

Ah well. With a little bit, with a little bit, with a little bit of luck, neither poor dim Curt nor Trump’s various wives will ever sort through his discarded self-help CDs.



12 thoughts on “Curt Schilling Endorses Trump; Happy to Have a Candidate as Dumb as He Is

  1. It will be my pleasure – in the relatively near future, I hope – to never hear an opinion expressed by Curt Schilling.

    I will grudgingly applaud the decision to put him in the HOF, because he belongs there. Although he may manage to poop his nest with the writers enough to get excluded.

    But I won’t have to listen to him.


    • Ugh – that is pretty nauseating, even by Trump standards. Ah well. I suspect we’ll be seeing more of this sort of thing as the election dystopia logic deficiency bubble swells to encompass us all.


        • Ackcherley, you could inoculate yourself by reading lots of Beckett and Ionesco before the conventions. It won’t numb you completely but it’ll help. In fact, one bit of dialogue from Endgame nicely sums up the current relationship between Trump and the party that has swooned for him:

          Hamm: Why did you engender me?

          Nagg: ‘Cause we didn’t know it would be you.


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