The Midnight Snack – Friday

Sometimes you have a taste for the things you loved as a child. I was an unusually pious child, so most of my favorite childhood songs are ones you would have heard in church, if you attended free wheeling non-denominational churches down South in the 80s and 90s. For that reason, I’m not sharing my Friday night jam session since I’m fairly certain no one will like it unless you, too, have fond memories of youth group lock-ins.

Other things I liked as a child were cute stuffed animals, unusual pitchers, and Robin Ventura. Let’s revisit these things tonight.

Sale On:  Robin Ventura’s White Sox won again tonight behind yet another masterpiece pitching effort from Chris Sale. Here’s a fun stat:

I wonder how good they would be if they only had a leader like Drake LaRoche in the clubhouse?

Knuckle Down:  As a child, I was fascinated by pitchers. Almost all of my favorite players were pitchers, and the only players I knew on most teams that I didn’t have a rooting interest in were pitchers, for the most part. I mean, there were your aforementioned Robin Venturas and your Craig Biggios and your Tom Pagnozzis, but mostly I only cared about pitchers. Some things don’t really change all that much.

If you have a funky delivery, or better yet throw a knuckleball, I am down with you. Which is why this gif is so cool.

Somehow I have a feeling that my boy RA would like my Friday night jam session.

And now…the adult’s version of cute stuffed animals – cute baseball mascots.

Have a great weekend, fam.

5 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Friday

  1. And then there’s the mascot without a country, Nick Swisher. Someone has to pick him up, right? We would be so stoked, bro!


  2. Stomper is visiting Tampa Bay this weekend for the Battle of the Bays.

    I am going to the game and sitting in an area mascots like to visit. I will give him a very friendly greeting. 🙂

    As a fellow pitcher aficionado and your friend, friends don’t let friends cite pitcher wins. Pat Dobson would like to have a word with you. 😉 Chris Sale is among the best right now, if not the best. He is kicking ass, but the win–that’s his team.

    I was lucky to grow up watching some of the best pitchers ever close up–Dwight Gooden, Mike Scott, Fernando Valenzuela… I love me some fine pitching too. Warped minds think alike.


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