So,What Did I Miss?

I missed everything. I watched no baseball tonight. I got the no baseball blues.


Red Sox 11-Astros 1. This is supposed to make me feel better? The Red Sox score 11+ runs for a fourth straight game. Who the hell do they think they are? The Cubs? Actually, the Red Sox are tied with Cubs for highest scoring offense at 196 runs. It’s their pitching that has been an issue. Boston’s team ERA is 19th in MLB, 4.20.

David Price finally got a quality start. Yes, I smell trouble.

Orioles 7-Tigers 5. The Tigers jumped to an early 5-0 lead, and according to my Twitter feed, the Orioles finally figured out how to score some runs without hitting a home run. The Tigers have lost 9 out of 10 games.

Yankees 7-Royals 3. The news is all bad tonight. The Yankees got the series win. Eovaldi pitched well. The Yankees figured out how to score a few runs with three homers.

Phillies 7-Braves 4(10). We know why the Braves sing the blues, shoot. Tonight, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. They were winning, but still figure out how to lose the game. The Phillies are a shocking 5 games over .500.

Padres 3-Brewers 0. Former Tampa Bay Rays James Shields and Melvin Upton Jr have very good nights. (When they have bad nights, they are former Royals and former Braves 😉 )

Giants 4-Arizona 2. Cueto outdeals Greinke.

Cardinals 12-Angels 10. Cardinals sweep the Angels. The game had 33 hits, oy vey.

Dodgers 5-Mets 0. Kershaw, the second best pitcher in baseball, issues his first walk since April 21st and strikes out 13. Bartolo Colon gave up all 5 runs.

That’s all the baseball. This is why I am a…

So what did I miss?


22 thoughts on “So,What Did I Miss?

  1. Clayton Kershaw is still the best pitcher in baseball. That 19.25 K/BB ratio is inhuman. Plenty of time left in the season, but he’s on pace to utterly crush the all time mark in this category. This list goes back to 1888. He’s doubling the ratios Pedro and Maddux posted in their best seasons. Granted, we’re still only a little more than a fifth of the way through the season, but a 77/4 K/BB mark is just remarkable.,d

    Dallas Keuchel just can’t keep the ball down and he is getting creamed.

    Speaking of a guy who is getting squared up by everybody, it’s just hard to watch Wainwright these days.

    The Yankees called up Gary Sanchez for some much needed youth. Rob Refsnyder and Aaron Judge should be next.

    I had a win mentally marked down for Velasquez and missed the Braves seventh inning rally. He was cruising along through six. Depressing.


    • We would be splitting hairs and getting into an argument over bWAR and fWAR for pitchers, which one is better. Fangraphs thinks FIP is best. If you are in that camp, Kershaw is king. I happen to agree with Baseball Ref on this one. The extreme outlier cases get lost in the shuffle.

      For the benefit of others:
      Scroll to the bottom for a good explanation.

      bWAR Arrieta for 2016 is 2.1, for Kershaw 1.8. Almost identical but Jake’s number is just a teensy weensy bit better, so if I had to rank them, Jake is #1 at the moment. Next month, it could change. (I like to provoke discussion, if you have not noticed 🙂


      • Honestly, WAR isn’t precise enough to tell you who is better with a 0.3 difference. Both versions make assumptions about how much of batted ball results should be credited to the pitcher, and we don’t really have enough info now to say who’s been better. I’d feel okay calling them the best two pitchers in baseball right now. Anything more than that is subjective.

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  2. Brad may be beautiful, but he’s shit when it comes to managing a bullpen. Pelfrey stifled the O’s for a while, but eventually Brad decided to do the O’s a solid and play the matchup game until he ran out of quality relievers. Thanks Brad! Your gift basket is in the mail!


      • I don’t think it’s a matter of who he should have gone with, but why did he keep pulling so many pitchers so often, leaving him with few options later in the game and a worn out pitcher? I’ve always hated the matchup game, when you stick a guy in for one out, he gets it, and out comes the manager. You can’t do that against our lineup, we are too deep and you will run out of pitchers fast, which is exactly what happened.


        • If any of our guys were super spectacular, I might agree. When they are throwing like crap, it’s not a management problem. I think you’re looking at it just from last night. You’d feel differently if you looked at is over a number of games.


        • Possibly true. It’s just it’s not the first time I’ve seen Brad gift wrap us a game by taking out the guys who were actually getting outs to play the lefty/right matchup which eventually blows up in his face. Of course it’s not entirely his fault as he doesn’t have much to work with, still, don’t make it harder on yourself by pulling guys who are getting the job done just because the numbers say something.


        • The numbers don’t lie, my man. If they say X is no good against righties historically, go with that.


  3. Reading it not until today, I noticed a reference to the Amish in yesterday’s what did I miss. It made me think of an article about Amish baseball that I came across a few years ago. Before reading it, like most, I condescendingly wondered why they can’t be more like the rest of us. Now I wonder why can’t the rest of us be more like them.

    They are not Luddites. They want to achieve and sustain a reasonable level of material comfort and not be distracted from their commitment to their community and family, and they want to keep it that way. Their health care policy and general social policies which we struggle with is simply solved with the belief that every member of the community is responsible for the well being of every other member of the community. They choose self aware humility and consider competitive boastfulness to be, what it is, childish.

    And they don’t play football, basketball, hockey etc. They play baseball.

    Below is the article. It’s a pretty long read, but more than worth the time.


  4. A couple of quick thoughts here:

    Wouldn’t draw too much of a conclusion about a QS for Price last night, Indy. Right now the 2016 Astros have one guy contending for MVP, two solid guys who are doing pretty well, and maybe one or two at most others who would even make a Major League roster. It is quickly becoming apparent that the 2015 Astros were built on high hopes and career years for several mediocre-to-poor players. Playing a pat hand was a huge error for Luhnow in the off-season. So I hope Price is finding his stride, but you can’t tell from last night.

    And I find most of these discussions about who is the absolute best a little attenuated. Our stats aren’t that good. I’m comfortable saying it’s probably one or the other right now (subject to change as the season goes on) but I’d have a hard time choosing. Way too many variables.


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