Grand Banks Redux: No Feesh Reported: Your Feesh non-Recap for 5/12/16

There’s no reason to panic yet. Sonar imaging of the usual Feeshing areas in both Macondo and Washington disclosed no sign of Feesh yesterday. It was just an orf day, but if you once relied on the codfish schools for your sustenance, you could perhaps be forgiven for all that cold sweat. And it wasn’t just a beaverland phenomenon. Here, for example, is the Odo Island fleet returning empty handed for the fourth or fifth straight day:


Of course, in their case there really was something wrong with the water:

However, there was nothing wrong with the water in Washington yesterday (although Obama was strutting his cojones by drinking from a tap in Flint recently). Just because the Feesh boolpen occasionally collapses, that doesn’t mean that the entire population of stars, non-stars and bargain basement scrapheap reclamation projects will necessarily collapse as well.

Today is, of course, Friday the 13th. The Feesh’s luck should be no worse than the Gnats’ luck tonight, since archetypes distribute their malmythopoesis evenhandedly. Unfortunately the strange attractor, having been given an night orf, will be well rested and its gossamer reality waves likely quite puissant tonight.

Popcorn? Check.

Framboise Belgian lambic? Check.

Tall fountain glass with a  big scoop of Cherry Garcia? Check.

Play ball, and damn the evil spirits!



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