The Midnight Snack – Live from Asgard Edition

So, the Mets pitching staff has as many home runs as Braves not named Freddie Freeman. One of those Mets pitchers is Bartolo Colon. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Not only is he scary good on the mound, but he’s apparently been scary good at the plate. Tonight, he is wielding Mjolnir. I mean, he IS Thor, after all. Speaking of which, you absolutely have to watch this video. Syndergaard kills it as the Son of Odin, and he’s freaking hilarious. Trust me. It’s the best three minutes of your day, guaranteed.

But seriously. Look at this and tell me that you didn’t just wet your own pants from excitement. Go on. I’ll wait.

Between Thor and David “Captain America” Wright, this team is full of Avengers and I, for one, love it. Now if only there was a Falcon, an Ant-Man, and of course my imaginary boyfriend Bucky Barnes, I might have to secretly root for the Mets this year.

Mets-vengers, assemble!


8 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Live from Asgard Edition

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