MLB Suspends Bryce Harper 1 Game For Cursing Out Umpire

MLB has suspended Bryce (Royce) Harper for one game following his actions on Monday night, in which he returned to the field after an ejection and was filmed cursing out umpire Brian Knight.

Harper was tossed from the dugout in the ninth inning by home-plate umpire Brian Knight for arguing a called third strike on Danny Espinosa at the plate. After he was tossed, the star right fielder shouted at Knight from the dugout and had to be held back by coaches.

“Everybody was up on the steps preaching about what they thought was going on,” Harper said after the game. “[Knight] picked me and said, ‘See you later.’”

Later in the inning, after Clint Robinson hit a walk-off home run, Harper ran out of the clubhouse and back onto the field, which isn’t allowed following an ejection. While in the dogpile with teammates around Robinson, Harper turned and pointed at Knight as cameras caught him yelling, “[Expletive] you!”


Harper is appealing the suspension, so he is able to play until that appeal is heard on.  It’s a good thing too, because yesterday (when the suspension was due to go into effect) was Harper’s MVP bobblehead day. (H/T to someguyinva for the correction)

The suspension is very interesting as just last week David Ortiz went well, David Ortiz on umpire Ron Kulpa and has not been suspended.

16 thoughts on “MLB Suspends Bryce Harper 1 Game For Cursing Out Umpire

  1. I have been a consistent defender of Harper with all the youthful exuberance and stuff.

    But his display at the end of the game was not cocky. It was childish.
    And he was ejected. I thought a one day suspension was light.


      1. It’s not just Ortiz though:

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      2. Also, Harper didn’t come back onto the field until after the game was over. What’s the cutoff point? MLB’s response was just as childish as Harper’s actions.


  2. It should be noted that the ump warned Harper earlier in the game about yelling at him from the dugout. Harper wasn’t just arguing his own balls and strikes. He did it several times, and the ump already told him to knock it off. He clearly never really left the dugout, as he was right back on the field to celebrate the walkoff. The visible f- you did not help. It was inappropriate and, as step said, childish. I appreciate that MLB slapped his hand for it.


    1. Knight should have run him sooner. There’s no reason to listen to a bunch of noise about your strike zone all game.


  3. Also, I’d like to clearly state that I am staunchly in the “cussing” as opposed to “cursing” camp — the latter of which is for uptight northerners with nasal accents. Y’all are cussing. If you want to dress it up, just say “swear.”


        1. See, y’all wanted to do things your way, and we had a bit of a fight about it, and we kinda kicked your asses, and y’all have been crying about it ever since.


        2. In fairness, that should be “and y’all have been dragging us down ever since.” Mississippi makes you wanna cuss, doesn’t it?


        3. In Mississippi’s defense, they are pretty good about telling people to shut the fuck up and vaccinate their kids. There, I found something nice to say. 🙂


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