105th Piece of Evidence Lackey is an Asshole


Per Deadspin:

Cubs starter John Lackey’s only mistake in the second game of Wednesday’s doubleheader against San Diego was hanging a curveball for Christian Bethancourt, who clobbered it for the game-winning solo shot in the fifth inning. Lackey’s anger culminated in him yelling, “You better fucking run!” at the Padres catcher as he rounded the bases.

So, Lackey threw a shit pitch and yelled at Bethancourt to run. Nice. But testicleface wasn’t done yet.

“How many home runs does he have?” Lackey asked.

When told Bethancourt now has three this season, Lackey replied, “I have a long memory. He’ll learn.”

Deadspin reports Bethancourt has a career WAR of -0.1. I hope Lackey gets punished for this. The implication is clear–he wants to retaliate for his shit pitch their next series, Aug. 22-24. Can someone on his own team punch him?


20 thoughts on “105th Piece of Evidence Lackey is an Asshole

      1. What’s Arrieta got to do with anything? That sure ain’t Arrieta’s picture up there in your post.


        1. You know, Arrieta’s name pisses me off. I can never remember. Is it two ‘r’s or two ‘t’s. Both? Dammit. I will always misspell his name. He needs to double up on both letters, like Mississippi. Make it easy.


  1. Yeah Lackey, go ahead and give a guy with a career .248 OBP a free base because you’re all butthurt that you suck. That’ll really help things out.


    1. This reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from The Boondocks. A Pimp Named Slickback is a hell of a character.

      Probably best not to watch this at work or with people who have no sense of humor.

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      1. ROFL “has not hitting a bitch been working?” hahahaha

        I think someone clearly needs to bitch slap Lackey. I’m for the intellectual approach but when that doesn’t work, smack him. I would pay to see Arrieta slap him across the face. This is what Arrieta would say: “You served up that meatball pitch and you’re pissed at the OTHER guy for having the nerve to hit it over the fence? Eff you” slap

        I think I am going to tweet him this suggestion. Jake is cool.


  2. Collecting evidence Lackey is an a***ole is like testing to make sure that things will really fall in a gravity field.


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