The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I can’t wait to move to the east coast. It’s crime-y and violent everywhere, but in my corner of Cheeselandia has gotten super random shootery lately and I don’t understand why. There have been several murders around the area I work recently as well as a drive by shooting on the Interstate. Unsettling, for sure.

So let’s get some good news up in this piece, ya heard?

Here’s something great from our old pal, Gleeman.

OK, this isn’t good news, but I love this photo because it’s very trollable.

Let’s play CAPTION THIS.

Freddie: I’m so sick of this chickenshit bullshit.

Fredi: Remember when I told a rando at the Honey Baked Ham store about team business? Good times.

Dugout Floor: Actually, this is just Terry Pendleton’s tears from the last inning.

Even though he was playing against (one of) my team(s), I can still think this is cool. San Diego Padres player Alex Dickerson hit his first home run today. A grand slam, even! Even if the Devil himself in a Cardinals uniform did this, I’d still think it was cool. Way to show up, kid.

And speaking of kids…


7 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

  1. in 2012, the last sunday of the A’s season, they won in a walk off. It was an exciting game and if memory serves, josh donaldson hit a 3 run home run in the 9th to send the game to extras.

    there was a bat boy dressed in mariners’ gear by the mariners on deck circle, where the bat boys stand. as the game winning hit it launched (don’t remember what it was) you see the uniformed mariner bat boy raise his hands in triumph.

    afterwards someone interviewed him. turns out it was his 4th to last game, he was graduating college and getting a regular job. they are taught to not show emotion, but it he didn’t care at that point.

    anyway, i always wanted to be a batboy


  2. Of course you want to move to the east coast. You are sick of that shitty stupid Central time zone. It’s ridiculous. It’s like America’s middle child. Like Jan from the Brady Bunch. Quit whining, nobody cares about you. East coast is Marcia. Cool. West Coast is Cindy, so cute. I don’t even count Rocky Mountain–they’re high, they don’t care.

    And I AM SO EXCITED about Gleeman joining Baseball Prospectus. Chocolate meet peanut butter! Two perfect things joined together! I am a member of BP. Every cent, I am so happy I spent it. Excellent choice. Baseball Prospectus favorited my tweet to Gleeman. 🙂

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