So, What Did I Miss? Dirty South Version (5/11/16)

The history of shouting “Freebird” .  This is such a pretty song. Skip to that guitar solo at the 7 minute mark if you are short on time. Damn. All those pretty people in the crowd are in their 60s now. Damn. 

Tigers 5-Nationals 4. Los Tigeritos end their 7 game losing streak. I read that on and I had to look it up myself. I didn’t realize the Tigers were on a bender. Great play:

Have I mentioned recently how much I love Statcast? I wish I could have it live at the game.

Yankees 10-Royals 7. The Yankees have scored their run allotment for the week. Shot their load at one time. But they still get paid.

Brewers 10-Marlins 2. Old Gator will probably have a recap soon, but in summary, Conley pooped the bed and his defense did him no favors. This game was the baseball version of melanosis coli.

Red Sox 13-A’s 5. Uh, are you even trying, Oakland? Manaea (fuck that was hard to type) gave up 8 runs in 2 2/3 innings. No soup for you.

Phillies 3-Atlanta 2. Maikel Franco, my man. Three hits for him.


Rangers 13-White Sox 11. Rain delay game may have affected the pitchers? I don’t know I didn’t watch this game. I’m just making stuff up now. Anybody know what happened here? Offense just kind of went cray cray.

Cubs 8-Padres 7. Speaking of cray cray. These Cubs are on another level. I am working on a post about how seriously amazing this team is. It’s not a joke anymore. Well, of course I’ll joke, hello. But this team is reaching rarefied air with crazy stats. Of course, like Theo said the other day, they will have to run into a rough patch at some point in the season. Right? Right? Uh, who knows. Like I say, the pendulum always swings back, but the Cubs may defy physics. You saw that homer Rizzo hit off the flag the other day? That was insane. Right now, everything is clicking.

I think the bandwagon has a lot of room. I picked a good year to visit Wrigley Field for the first time. Even my daughter knows their team colors: “They wear blue and red, mommy.” She and I have never discussed this. She’s 7. Apparently, she discussed this with a boy at school. One of them is a Cubs fan. Cute kid, plays little league, likes LEGOs. I remember seeing a drawing he did of himself in a Cubs uni. I teased him. “What about the Rays?” “I like them too!” 🙂

Zobrist went 4 for 4 because of course he did. He went up to bat 4 times. He got 4 hits. Logic.

 I was born a ramblin’ woman. I don’t know if Zobrist rambles. 

Mariners 6-Rays 4. My boys tried to come back, they did. I saw the effort, the heart. Nelson Cruz made a great play on what could have tied the game. They had good at bats. Sometimes, the other team just beats you. You tip your cap, raise your glass in toast, and move on. Today is another day.

Arizona 5-Colorado 1. De La Rosa shut down the Rockies. Colorado responds by getting high.

This song is hot. 

Cleveland 4 – Astros 0. The ‘stros played like tush.

Okay, I’m tired of this. You guys, finish it off.  I have places to be, people to do. 🙂

Edit: Professormaddog31 mentioned it in her tasty Midnight Snack but I want to make sure EVERYONE knows! Aaron Gleeman was hired by Baseball Prospectus. I am so thrilled for him. I love their analysis. The web site teaches me so much, it is ridiculous. The math can get trippy, but I learn. I am a subscriber. I squealed when professor shared the news with us yesterday. Every cent, well spent. You don’t have to subscribe to get a lot of their content, but you get more if you do. Click on over to Baseball Prospectus and give him some love!

Hardballtalk? Nah. Something bigger, something better.


26 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? Dirty South Version (5/11/16)

  1. You called it on the Texas game, Indy. After a two hour plus rain delay, Texas put Derek Holland back in. Considering his flame out for the ages last week, probably not a good choice for confidence building. But fortunately for them, the awesome offense saved the day.

    Not that I’m a fan of anything that comes out of the the D-FW Metroplex. You’d be more likely to see a ticker tape parade for David Ortiz through Manhattan than many Houston fans for the Dallas area. But I have a vested interest in Odor as a Fantasy second baseman.

    As for the Astros? Trevor Bauer reduces them to three-hit wonder. And the continuing story of Altuve and the Eight Dwarves closes another chapter.

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  2. Couldn’t watch the end of the O’s game, because anything that’s played on any time zone other than my own is too late for me anymore. Adam Jones reminded us all he can still play baseball. Hard to tell with his sub .200 BA entering the night. O’s just barely skated by the Twins.
    In addition to the game winning 2 RBI single set up in part by a Rickard double, a Machado IBB (He’s getting the Harper treatment), and a wild pitch, jones also hit this one 454 feet.

    The best play of the game however was made by the Twins ballboy.


  3. Aroldis Chapman notched his first save after telling NYY media that “We Latin people are loud when we argue.”, “People want to harm Latin players.”, “It was just an argument with your partner that everyone has.”, and “I did nothing wrong.” I guess it’s a Latin thing to fire shots into a wall while your partner is cowering in a bush. But who cares, he hit 102 last-night.


      • No, seriously, we Latinos get LOUD. My Italians and Greeks can relate. We are very emotive and sometimes, we get a little out of hand. I am completely stereotyping, but I have witnessed this my entire life with my family and friends. It’s a cultural variation.

        My boss, who is British, sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. She is uptight, conservative. Doesn’t express feelings easily. I like her, but I see how her culture affected her experience.

        One time, I had a young Puerto Rican male patient die in the ICU. His family was literally wailing. Loudly. My white colleagues: “what is wrong with them? We need to put them in a room. They are disturbing.” Yes, say it with a nasal voice. I said, “Nothing is wrong with them. Latinos express grief very vocally. We do need to get them some privacy to grieve without judgment, and the other patients don’t need to hear them.”


  4. I didn’t see much of the Nats/Tigers game last night; was busy watching the Capitals season come to an end, as they lost to a better team in the goddamned Penguins. Interestingly enough, I did manage to see many of the big plays from this game during the intermissions though.

    The first one came in the top of the 6th, where we had an Utley Rule challenge by the Nats go for naught. The Tigers had the bases loaded and one out, and Romine bounced one to second; Murphy fielded and tossed the ball to Espinosa at short, but his relay to first was late. However, Gose really made no effort to slide to the bag at second; he didn’t take out Espinosa or anything, but he slid at least two feet to the right of the bag, slid by the bag, and never touched the bag, but the call was not overturned. Per the game story, “Baker said the umpires explained to him that the rule had changed and would not apply if a runner was not hindering the fielder from completing a double play.” So, instead of 3-3 going to the bottom of the 6th, we had 4-3 Tigers, and later 5-3 before the inning ended.

    The next big play was the Ramos play above. We Nats fans refer to third base coach Bob Henley as Bob Sendley, but I’m torn as to whether or not this was a bad idea here. The throws were perfect, and it’s not like Ramos was out by 20 feet or something; on the other hand, they don’t call Ramos “The Buffalo” because he’s fast, and maybe Dusty could’ve pinch run for him there? Oh well, that’s baseball.

    In other news, Ryan Zimmerman hit two home runs last night, one coming right after a walk to Harper. In the 9th, after Rendon doubled with one out, the TIgers intentionally walked Harper, putting the winning run on 1st to face Zimmerman, which is either gutsy or stupid in a “hold my beer” sort of way. Proved to be the right call, though, as Zimmerman struck out, and then Murphy lined out, and the Tigers won 5-4.

    Tonight ought to be a good one, weather permitting – Max Scherzer vs. Jordan Zimmermann, and get there early because it’s Bryce Harper Bobblehead Night. (I hear the doll yells “Fuck you!” if you shake it just right.)

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  5. “Zobrist went 4 for 4 because of course he did. He went up to bat 4 times. He got 4 hits. Logic.”

    No. This is Logic. And you should pay attention to him 🙂

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  6. I didn’t see the Jays/Giants last night as I was in bed before it even started — damn Left Coast games. All I know is what I read on, and that is Matt Cain pitched better than he has in a dog’s age (8.0 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 7 K), but J.A. Happ pitched just as well (8.2 IP, 6 H, 0 ER, 5 K) and he actually got some run support. I don’t know whether the Giants’ hitters are holding their bats the wrong way around or what, but they have scored 3 runs in their last 40 innings, which is borderline Barves-pathetic. Tulo provided most of the offense, driving in 3 of the Jays’ 4 runs and scoring the other one.

    The must-see match up occurs this afternoon (Left Coast Time) with Marcus Stroman vs Madison Bumgarner.


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