Just How Freaking Good Are the Chicago Cubs?

Tl;dr. Really, really, really good.

I don’t know if any of you pay much attention to teams besides your own. Thanks to my manic exercise of recapping all y’alls teams, I have really been noticing a lot. It’s been fantastic. As I do the recaps and type a win for the Cubs practically every day, it hit me that something unusual is occurring. This isn’t just a good team winning. They’re demolishing the competition.

Something really special is happening on the North Side. Something historical. Again, the Cubs are not just good. They’re playing on a level that’s unbelievable right now. Don’t believe me? Let’s bring out the evidence.

Starting with the basics… their win loss record is 25 and 6 on 5/11/16 (have we officially passed Small Sample Size Day yet? My saber nerds know what I am talking about). That is a winning percentage of .806. Oh, is that all? I am not impressed. Impress me more. Ok.

To match the 1906 Chicago Cubs, you know, when they finished 116-36 (yes, Kevin. I remember it well. Like Captain America, I was given a serum so I never age. Maybe I am Captain America), the Cubs would have to simply go 92-40 the rest of the season, a winning percentage of .697, so they can relax and start sucking a little. In case you were not aware, that 116-36 record set the modern-era record winning percentage: .763.

Oh, but you’re still not impressed. Wow, you’re a tough crowd. Cubs fans are so pessimistic. “It’s early in the season. They have to slump, right?”

“We almost throw out everything that has happened so far,” Epstein said. “We are on such a roll that we probably spend more time looking ahead to the inevitable challenging periods when we’re short-handed and strapped, and things aren’t breaking our way. (We’re) trying to get ahead and figure out how we’re going to deal with that adversity.

Lester points out something: “We have an American League line-up.” Yes. That is one reason you are destroying your competition.

So, you kinda don’t have to slump. Theo’s got you covered. Rizzo is only batting .270. He can do better. Heyward is also in a slump. Imagine when he finally gets his groove. You think this team is scary good now? Just step away and admire what Theo has built.

So, slump-proof juggernaut. I want more numbers! We’re nerds, we want numbers! I got them, I got them. Chillax.

They are the 8th team in baseball history to start with a record of 24-6 or better. The last team to do this was the Detroit Tigers in 1984. The only team to do this and fail to reach the World Series. The Oakland A’s in 1981. (Sorry, @clydeserra, if I am bringing about traumatic childhood memories. I do that to people.) Out of those 8 teams, 4 of them won the World Series. So, if you’re into betting, here ya go.

Here is Baseball-Prospectus’s probability graph:


One of these teams is not like the others. The probability of reaching the post-season: 99%. That’s pretty good, right? You know, I’m a girl. These numbers get soooo confusing. That’s close to 100%. I think that’s good!

They are currently on a pace to win 129 games. That’s not possible, right? The 2001 Mariners won 116 games. It is very conceivable that this team wins more than 116. Stop saying inconceivable. I do not think you know what that word means.

Their run differential.. let’s look at that. +103!!! Ha! That’s crazy talk. Seriously, what is it? It’s one hundred and three. Fuck. Looking at calendar. It’s 5/11/16. That’s insane. Let’s look at the history books. The Pirates in 1902 broke a 100 run differential faster–in 26 games. The Cubs, such slackers. Millenials, smh.

They only have 6 saves. They don’t need to save games. Put this in perspective. The Braves have won only 7 games. (I am going to work on just how much do the Braves suck next but I think I need a drink for that.)

RBIs: Rizzo-28. Zobrist-27 (He has never played at this level, clearly proving the NL is inferior 😉 ). Bryant-22. Russell-21. That’s 4 guys with RBI totals greater than 20. No fair. You are hoarding.

Here’s another little nugget:

Lester’s outing was the 31st straight game by a Cubs starter of at least five innings. It’s the team’s second-longest stretch since at least 1910. The only longer one was 41 consecutive games from Sept. 15, 1926, to May 21, 1927.

Can you Cubs fans quit your negativity and whining? Lord!! Spare me this bullshit. Jinx? Really. Reallllllllllllly. Be HAPPY!!! Your team is AMAZEBALLS. I should be slapped for using the word amazeballs. I’m ashamed, really. You know why your team is so amazing? You have former Rays–Maddon, Martinez, and Zobrist. You are going to win. Of course, your team is awesome.

Theo also knows that as good as this team is, they have won nothing of significance yet. Not even a freaking cookie.

“When it happens to us and we haven’t earned (anything) yet, it does get a little uncomfortable. You would rather go in a vacuum and earn it. That’s not the reality. It’s nobody’s fault. But hopefully at the end of the year we’ll look up and say, ‘Hey, we earned what people were saying about us.'”

If Epstein ends this curse after ending Boston’s curse, it is clear that he is a witch. Brujo! Burn him. You know, I am a descendant of Spaniards. No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.


37 thoughts on “Just How Freaking Good Are the Chicago Cubs?

  1. Lester points out something: “We have an American League line-up.” Yes. That is one reason you are destroying your competition.

    So do 15 other teams and they’re not demolishing their competition like the Cubs are. Or are we saying the AL teams DON’T have an American League caliber line-up?


      1. Not anymore. Thanks to inter league. Tell me with a straight face the Rays have an “AL lineup” and would do good against the Cubs. In fact the NL has a winning record right now against the AL (that will likely change and seesaw as the season goes on)

        I’m not buying Sally, you need to come up with a better argument than the mythical AL lineup.


        1. There are obviously exceptions. The Cubs are an “AL team.” They would destroy the Rays, duh.

          I knew you would bring up the Rays. I was ready for you, FC. 🙂 The Rays are the most NL-like of the American League teams. They only have three regulars in their starting line-up batting over .240. Kinda like your Phillies? Last year, their catcher position was basically a pitcher hitting, although not quite as shitty. Nothing is as bad a pitcher hitting except salmonella. When Molina was in the line-up, he was historically the worst hitting catcher in history. Yes, the Rays are an NL-team in the American League.

          C’mon, FC. You can do better than that. Your pitcher hitting limits your line-up. It makes you weak. Join us.


        2. And you completely glossed over the fact that the NL is actually winning more games against the AL this year so far. So much for the all encompassing superiority of the AL Lineup. It’s not just the Cubs that are mashing in offense, The Cardinals are Mashing (hell Wainwright is hitting better than most of his other hitting team-mates, too bad he’s pitching like this other hitting team-mates

          As Paper said, the NL has been developing most of the hitting talent so far. The only so called AL lineups that can claim to be one are the Red Sox because they got Big Papi in the DH spot and the Orioles because they have Chris Davis in it (bona fide slugging/hitting machines). Otherwise most AL lineups just rotate the DH spot among the bench spots.

          I knew you would bring up the Phillies. I’ll have you know they were also called an “AL Lineup” back in ’08 and ’09 when they were mashing more than everybody. But that’s a contradiction because they STILL have a 9 spot with the P. It seems to me that if an NL team can supposedly have an AL Lineup even with the pitcher hitting then the impact of the 9 spot is definitely overstated. After all how else do you explain having an “AL Lineup” when you still have the pitcher hitting. Explain that missy. Explain it. Come on. Come on. How do you have an AL Lineup but with the pitcher hitting in it?


        3. There are obviously exceptions. The Cubs are an “AL team.” They would destroy the Rays, duh.
          I knew you would bring up the Rays. I was ready for you, FC.:-)

          And I was ready for you: Tampa Bay Rays ALL Time Interleague Record: 121-141, .471 win pct. Clearly you don’t need an “Al Lineup” to beat up the Rays.


        4. Okay, let’s review one more time.

          The Rays have been historically shitty. It wouldn’t matter what league they were in. You are using the WORST possible team as an example. Of course, the Cubs would destroy them. The Cubs have an AL style line-up who would destroy any team.

          When the Rays haven’t been shitty, they have played a very NL-style of ball, which is probably why they haven’t been able to get very far. It’s tough to compete with the big boys when you rely on good pitching and defense, and little offense.


        5. It’s not just the Rays Sally, The Blue Jays also have a losing record against the NL. They’re hardly a non-mashing team are they? They’re streaky I’ll give you that. The Orioles also have an overall losing record against the NL. And the Yankees (the team has been a powerhouse for most of the interleague period) have the same winning percentage against NL teams as they do overall.


    1. The whole “AL lineup” thing is a myth. Only one or two teams have “AL lineups” in the AL each year, most do not and never have.

      This year the top 5 offensive teams (via wRC+) including pitcher hitting are: Red Sox, Cardinals, Orioles, Cubs, and Pirates.

      If we take out the pitchers, effectively just evaluating spots 1-8 (mostly), the list is Red Sox, Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates, and Orioles…and if we go to the top 10 that includes the Giants, Mets, Marlins, Mariners, and Diamondbacks.

      NL teams can hit. They have been developing most of the young hitting talent, which is probably why they have a winning record vs. the AL this year.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Since 2001, the American League wRC+ has been either 99 or 100 every year. In that same time frame, the NL wRC+ has been 93 or 94. The AL has scored more runs per game per team every year until this one. But please, tell me more about how the NL is the better offensive league because of 30ish games a team.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. None of that has anything at all to do with anything I wrote.

          People act like there “AL lineup” is a thing, it isn’t. Yes, historically, the AL had more great lineups the last decade or so, but those were relatively few teams each year. There has never been a time in which more than a few AL teams had deep lineups to be feared. Who has an “AL lineup” this year?


        2. Also, those numbers your are citing are just pitcher effects. wRC+ is standardized to 100 without pitchers separately for each league…so the NL HAS to be lower as pitchers bat far more.


        3. No one is saying the NL is generating more runs, in fact they don’t need to if they can actually win more games it means they don’t HAVE to be better offensively. They just need a better run differential, which can be accomplished with better run prevention as well as run creation.

          The point is that the AL Lineup isn’t a real thing. It’s a made up thing that only really applies to a few times in the AL not to every team in the AL. When people say AL Lineup they really mean: Wow that lineup can sure mash. It’s also glossing over the fact that the NL Team is mashing DESPITE still having to put the pitcher in the lineup.


  2. I have tried to watch many Cubs games this year, I wind up switching to other games because 8-1 games in the 3rd are not entertaining if your team isn’t playing.

    They make all aspects of baseball look so easy, they hit well, they run the bases better than anyone, they play defense better than anyone, oh, and they pitch really fucking well, too. All the little things that people kind of ignore, the Cubs do those things great and the big things great. Scary good performance so far.


    1. “I wind up switching to other games because 8-1 games in the 3rd are not entertaining if your team isn’t playing.”

      That’s the thing. They don’t just win 8-1. They win 8-7 too. I have been watching a lot of this team as well. Infinitely entertaining to an objective observer. It must suck to have the team that was under your thumb for so long be so dominant because they are not boring at all. They have miscues. Occasional base running lapses. Defensive miscues. They are young. They make young team mistakes. They can actually get better. Today, the failed badly. The pendulum swings. We’ll see how they bounce back. Young men have terrible memories.


    1. Uh, sorry about that. Did I mention brujeria runs in my family? I don’t practice it nor do I believe in it–she blinded me science 🙂 –but I guess it’s in the blood.

      Here, I will fix it.

      God, your sorry ass team sucks. What the fuck was that shit yesterday? Young team plays down to level of the competition. You don’t let the fucking Padres sweep you!? The Friars! They wear brown robes! Smdh. Pathetic. You will lose 60 straight games and collapse harder than the 69 Cubs. I have a goat here with your team’s name on it, and a black cat just ready..

      Oh, wait, too much?


    2. So reality check .

      My team is a game under .500, has an ace pitcher who is an absolute hot mess basket case right now, has only three players batting over .240 in the regular line-up, is carrying LoMo with an OPS of .332, just got swept in 3 games by the Mariners, was walked off in extra innings after coming back from a 4-0 deficit only to lose 6-5 and you want me to feel sorry for the best team in baseball for losing a doubleheader?

      ROFL. GTFO… jinx? /rolls eyes.


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