Chen Stifles Brooze, Bour Bangs, Feesh Head to DC to face Gnats

Wei-Yin Chen allowed two runs in 6.1 innings while striking out an El Keed-like 12 Brooze and the Feesh surfed a Justin Bour dinger into their boolpen to hang on 3-2 and take the series despite last night’s ugly drubbing. To their credit, during their brief stay in sunny Macondo (the roof of Macondo Banana Massacre Field remained open throughout the series), Craig Counsell and his Bratshtuckers pitched around the Iron Giant the way commercial airlines now avoid Ukrainian airspace. Jar Jar Baseball didn’t bother issuing similar instructions to his staff about Ryan Braun and the Hebrew Hammer pretty much made them pay for it. Braun had a  good series, going 6 for 16 with a double, two runs scored and three ribbies. The Brooze also exposed and diggled to designation  reliever Craig Breslow, so that nearly all last overweenters’ cheapo scrapheap reclamation projects are now off Scrooge McLoria’s books. And we all know how happy that must make him. Unfortunately, that also means that there are no lefties in the boolpen until Mike Dunn’s forearm strain finally heals up and he rounds [sic] back into shape. The Feesh stemtide squad is now as righthanded as a 1950s midwestern military prep school.

The Feesh now sit at 18-15, still mired in fourth half a game behind the Feelies who suffered the ultimate humiliation of losing to the Barves (who have still not greased the guillotine for Fat Fredi). The Rainbow Warriors will be trying once again to wriggle free of the strange attractor’s gossamer reality waves as they head for the capitol where those waves are liable to get pretty dense:


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