The Midnight Snack -Monday

SPOILERS FOR CAP 3 BELOW! You have been warned!

I bet you’re all dying to find out what I thought about Captain America: Civil War. Well, I am not going to go into tons of plot points here, but I will say that while I enjoyed the movie greatly, it’s still not as good as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. For me, the movie was about the loss of autonomy. Almost every subplot dealt with a level of this concept, in my opinion. Way too much for me to get into detail here because this isn’t my personal Marvel blog, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Also: Tony Stank. Gotta love it.

I want to talk about the real superheroes of this blog – the baseball players themselves. Let’s get crackin’.

Secret Identities:  A character is wrongly accused of a terrible crime, because the baddie du jour has stolen his identity. Perhaps this is the idea behind this strange occurrence at the Nationals game.

Royce Harpler cosplay? I have to say, it’s pretty good. It looks like the Human Potato to me. Will there be an international manhunt for the Fake Royce? We’ll see…

Friend Against Friend:  Are you #TeamKersh or #TeamJoc?

Black And White in a World of Grey:  Steve Rogers is a man frozen in time. Literally, for a while. When he was a young man, he would have watched silent movies. Luckily for me, I, too, watch silent movies. And apparently the Mariner Moose is a big fan of Charlie Chaplin, because the Mariners offer this adorable little short film of the M’s mascot doing his best impression of The Little Tramp.

4 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack -Monday

  1. I can see where you might think it’s a loss of autonomy, but everyone has to answer to somebody. Even superheroes. Nobody is above that, Cap. Maybe it’s the socialist in me. While I loved the movie, I found him very unlikable in this movie, which made it difficult for me to see his side, although I am trying. I am watching Winter Solder right now, and it is like he is a different person. The humility is gone. The Captain in Civil War would never take suggestions to put on his list. He knows it all.


    1. I found both Capt and Stank unlikeable, though I think that was sort of the point. They both are making big decisions based off different levels of guilt and grief. That’s why I felt the scene where Stank spoke to Spidy in his room was so important. Sort of a reminder as to why they all do what they do. They seem to have forgotten the entire point while getting wrapped up in their own personal demons. It’s also why i think the heroes who shined brightest shined so well. They were just there having a crap load of fun doing their thing. No need to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.


      1. I thought Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Black Panther came off the best.
        That scene where Widow said to Cap sadly: “You are never going to stop?”

        Cap: “Nope.”

        The realization that it was futile to continue to fight. She let him go.


  2. Someone should just start an official thread about this movie so the people who haven’t seen it can avoid the conversation but still see their Bryce Harper dopplegangers.

    For the record, I’ve seen it once and we’re planning to see it again this week, but I know some other folks are waiting.


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