So, What Did I Miss? Condensed Version. (5/10/16)

Well, friends, I have been up for awhile, but I lost track of time–I know, me, get distracted, NEVER!–and I have to be at work at 0700, saving the world one butt at a time. No time to waste.

National 5 – Tigers 4. Clint Robinson walk-off.

Yankees 6 – Royals 3. Beltran homered twice. Deadspin is wrong. The Yanks have more than one good Yankee. They have at least two.

Miami 4 – Brewers 1. Vintage José.

Red Sox 14 – A’s 7. Bradley hit a grand slam and everybody gets a hit. Gray continues to struggle. Well, that was an icky thumping.

Reds 3 – Pirates 2. Cozart, Votto, & Barnhart hit homers.

White Sox 8 – Rangers 4. The Toddfather has himself a game.

Astros 7 – Cleveland 1. Altuve does it all. Steady as he goes.

D-back 10 – Rockies 5. Trevor Story has 3 RBIs, but he can’t do it alone. If this team ever gets pitching…

Mets 4 – Dodgers 2. Matz dominant.

Mariners 5 – Rays 2. King Felix with his 146th win becomes Seattle’s all time wins leader. Congratulations, h/t.

Blue Jays 3 – Giants 1. Peavy’s first home loss since 7/8.

O’s – Twins, Padres – Cubs, PPD. Apparently the only thing that can stop the Cubs is rain.

Not our sport, but this is cool:

I get goosebumps. That’s definitely on the bucket list–a Euro soccer match. I’m not the biggest soccer fan in the world, but someone important to me was, and I have heard the atmosphere is amazing.


24 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? Condensed Version. (5/10/16)

  1. I ❤ dingers as much as anybody, but Carlos Beltran can’t play defense anymore and carries a .261 OBP. Not really that good. The Yanks have three decent hitters right now, and at this point we’re just hoping Castro’s only day-to-day.


    • Well, at least he didn’t call him a cocksucker…

      I’m not sure who pissed in Harper’s corn flakes yesterday. I only got to listen to the game on the radio (Nats announcers) and Harper nearly got run in the 4th after getting rung up on a pitch that they said looked to be a strike. Harper did get the gate in the 9th after Danny Espinosa got called out on strikes, again on another pitch that the announcers thought was a strike. Thankfully Robinson bailed him out by hitting that walk off HR, or we might’ve been looking at extra innings without Harper available to bat in the 10th and beyond. Given Harper’s history with some umpires, I do hope his shenanigans don’t lead to the spectacle of him striking out looking during an intentional walk.

      The big news in DC yesterday was that the Nats had somehow managed to convince Stephen Strasburg, a client of Scott Boras, to sign a contract extension rather than hit the market in what looks to be a weak year for free agent pitchers. The deal’s backloaded, and has an opt out or two, but it guarantees that Strasburg will be a National through at least 2019. In addition to the Boras thing, this is notable for two other reasons – both in the Lerner family showing a willingness to spend to keep someone, and in that it goes against the Nats’ belief that a Tommy John surgery has a shelf life of eight years or so. We’ll see whether or not it’s money well spent come 2020.

      Now, if the organization will just pick up Mike Rizzo’s option (June 15 deadline) and then focus their attention on keeping Harper for another decade, all will be right with the world.


      • Maybe it’s just frustration of getting walked 90% of the time, then when you get a boarderline pitch called as a strike, Harper’s gotta be wondering just what he has to do to get a hit. Or maybe Harper’s just one of those guys who’s going to get tossed once or twice a year for arguing the strike zone.


        • Yeah, not sure. I know Sanchez went right at Harper during his first two PAs, and got a comebacker and a strikeout for his troubles. Harper then got walked in his other two PAs.

          I got the sense that the Nats were just cranky in general last night; maybe they needed a day off to recharge after the road trip, but that’s life. They get Thursday night off, but before that, they’ve got two more with the Tigers, and tomorrow night’s matchup looks especially tasty – Scherzer vs. Zimmermann.


      • The Tigers actually challenged the home run call, half in hope that maybe the fans in right reached over the wall, and half in a “We still have our challenge left, so what the hell?” sort of way.

        Also, I think the umpires’ tunnel is over near the visitor dugout, not right behind home plate, but don’t quote me on that.


  2. everything went wrong. from the hope of a three run lead into the 4th with sonny gray rolling. to bad defense (non error division) to pesky pole/wind aided grand slams and david ortiz popout rbi singles.

    well, I am sure slappy enjoyed it, there is that

    today better be good

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  3. This has probably been ridiculed at length elsewhere here, but what’s it going to take for Bochy to get over his man crush on Peavy? The dude must have cream of wheat for an arm by now.


  4. BTW, I don’t begrudge them or their success. I don’t feel like i need to particiapte, they don’t need me. I heard michael stipe give me that permission in 1988.

    I don’t know any of those songs.


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