FI Home Run Derby – Week 5 Results

Seven games in that Canananadian launching pad and Donaldson can’t come up with a single fucking HR?  Die in a fire you assbag.

I would say that the elimination pool is down to Burgie and Lions, but only one of those two managed to make a pick for this week…

So this will be the last week of the elimination side of things.  If Stanton homers, Lions wins.  If not, Lions ties with someone who no-showed, which I will find endlessly amusing.

Lions is handling business in the full season pool as well.  This was his 3rd week getting 4 HR’s from his pick.  I’m increasingly convinced that he’s in possession of a time machine and is using it in the worst way possible.  We should all push him down and take it from him.


It seems like people are getting less and less interested in this thing, which is fine.  But if there’s still enough people involved at the All-Star Break, then perhaps we can run a second-half elimination pool.








16 thoughts on “FI Home Run Derby – Week 5 Results

  1. Correa in my opinion is in a bit of a sophomore slump (compared to expectations!). I expect him to continue to improve over the next two to three years.

    Hopefully all the way to gargantually awesome.


    1. I’m confused. He’s been better at the plate this year (148 wRC+) than he was last year (133 wRC+). He isn’t hitting as many HRs (but a single 2 HR game would address that), but he’s doing everything else at the plate better. Sample sizes on defense are too small to draw conclusions, but his performance in the field doesn’t look any different than last year.


        1. For one thing, the comparisons are on a SS basis. Everyone is thinking of him more as MVP. I’m prey to the same projections.


      1. Kill baby Hitler and you open the door for Super Stalin. No, my friend, you have to go back and kill at least two babies.


  2. “I’m increasingly convinced that he’s in possession of a time machine and is using it in the worst way possible.”

    Dang, guess I should have thrown in a stinker so it wasn’t so obvious. If I did have a time machine, you would probably never hear from me again….either because I would fine a better time to live in….or because my travels resulted in my demise. If I could only see into the past though, yeah, I’d totally use my powers for gambling…not so much that I’d wind up super rich, just enough to pay the bills and allow me to lead a relaxing and enjoyable existence (which, for me, is more about having free time than it is about having stuff).

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    1. Free Time is more important than having stuff. I have more stuff than I had 25 years ago, but I definitely had more free time to enjoy the smaller amount of stuff I had years ago.


    2. Especially as I ease toward retirement. The concept of “enough” really appeals. I was asked recently if I would take a position at a considerable salary increase. Looked at the whole package and said, “no.”


    1. No, you deposit your picks in the post I was supposed to make last Friday. But I forgot all about it because A) I was busy and/or B) I’m a stoner.

      Considering that you were the only person that remembered and mentioned it, maybe it’s time to just let the thing die.

      Looks like Stanton homered on Sunday, so Lions wins the Elimination pool. (Even allowing Burgie’s late pick of Zobrist wouldn’t have mattered.)

      And nobody hit enough HR’s to catch up to Lions in the Full Season** pool either. So he’s the double winner.


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