So, What Did I Miss? (5/8/16)

Okay, guys. I expect everyone to have watched Captain America: Civil War by the end of tonight so we can all discuss tomorrow without worrying about spoilers, cool? Otherwise, I am going to just start going through and breaking down the movie scene by scene. I am a single momma with two kids, two cats, and a full time job. No excuses. Chop-chop. Let’s go. (I hope you do get my sense of humor by now…)

Speaking of super heroes, my little girl, the one I spoke about the other day, has become obsessed with them. She asked me on Friday, “Who do you like better, mommy? Superman or Batman?” She is only 7 years old and she is asking me the eternal question already? Okay, people, give me my props. Happy day to me! She’s an enthusiastic baseball fan who wants to discuss the merits of Superman vs. Batman. I am doing such a good job! I didn’t want to say–I wanted to hear her opinion. “I don’t know. Who do you like better?” She thought about it and said, “I like Superman better. Batman is too serious. Superman has more fun and he is cousins with Supergirl.” Those are sound reasons. We then went to pick up her 4 year old brother. “Who do you like better, Superman or Batman?” Four year old boy: “Batman!! Because he is cool!!” That is also a sound reason. Neither is wrong, but they started to argue. I told them they could disagree and still be friends. It’s a lesson some adults struggle with.

The S is for super and the U is for unique, the P is for perfection ’cause you know that we are freaks, the E is for exotic, and the R is for rap so tell those nosy people just to stay the hell back. 

Yankees 8-Red Sox 2. Do we now get to start worrying about Price? Peripherals look good, but listen nerd, he’s getting killed out there. Eovaldi with another strong start.

A’s 8-Orioles 4. Hill pitched 5 2/3, giving up 1 run and two hits. That’s a nice little thrill.

Orioles 5-A’s 2. Chris Davis doing what he does best.

Dodgers 6-Blue Jays 2. Kershaw is too much for the Canadians.

Rangers 10-Tigers 5. Adrian Beltre hit 2 of 5 homers for Texas.

That video has been rated R and should only be watched with adult supervision.

Tiger fans…

Mets 6-Padres 3. DH aficionados everywhere agree: the only pitcher allowed to ever hit is Bartolo Colon. We are not monsters. This is beautiful. This is his first home run. Oldest player to hit his first homer. I could have sworn he had 60. The legend of Colon grows. Check out the dugout’s reaction…

And Dan Haren with the perfect Tweet. Oh, my god–I love @ithrow88.

C’mon, Dan Haren… say you’ll be mine. 😉

Rays 4-Angels 2. Speaking of my babies, my boys in Anaheim are doing some fine work against the Angels. One simply does not hang a curve ball to Steven Souza Jr and expect to get the baseball back. Logan Forsythe, thank you. I didn’t believe in clutch until you came along.

I believe in miracles, and clutch hits! Thank you, Logan!

Speaking of miracles…

Cubs 8-Nationals 5. Maybe not a miracle, but history. Cubs win 6 straight, making them the first National League team to win 23 of their first 29 games since the 1977 Dodgers. Arietta pitches today, currently, the best pitcher baseball. I will pray for you, Nationals. Perhaps they will leave a carcass to bury. Right now, the Cubs are on cruise control…

My babies need me, so you guys can finish these recaps, please? Thanks. Have a great Sunday. I am not a big fan of Mother’s Day–yay, pink bats and don’t forget the ta-tas day –but your mom might be. My mom would be crushed if I didn’t text her, so text her, I will. You do you. 🙂

Edit: for the record, in the Superman v. Batman debate, I was Superman as a kid. So much love for Christopher Reeve (yes, there is one sacred cow! Chris Reeve). Team Batman today.

My favorite interpretation:

39 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? (5/8/16)

  1. the a’s/0’s second game didn’t seem as close ar 5-2. Somehow the 4 run inning that included the ong chris davis hr seemed like a 20 run lead.

    i guess having billy butler in the line upmakes it feel that way

    SO this guy Triggs was on the O’s 40 roster. he was released because of some roster issue. the A’s picked him up. he was called up last week and pitched one inning (debut). then called up as the 26th player for the double header and is headed back to AAA nashville now. (although it should be butler who is gone)

    they are finnish, not from baltimore, but, meh.

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  2. The Nats’ continued futility against the Cubs right now reminds me most of my misspent youth watching professional wrestling in the 70s. Things were different then, in that most of what you saw on TV were one-sided matches featuring either a name babyface squashing someone like The Unpredictable Johnny Rodz or Frankie Williams, or a name heel doing the same to guys whose names are best left to history. However, in addition to the main event (or sometimes as the main event) you’d get a match pitting a name heel against a guy like S.D. Jones or Pete Sanchez, guys who always seemed like they could plausibly win, but always came up just short. In retrospect, those guys never won, and I latter learned that they were in a class of wrestler called “Jobber to the Stars”, guys who had enough credibility to really enhance the reputation of the guy they were losing to, but just couldn’t get it done.

    The Nats have been that JTTS this weekend for the Cubs, and yesterday’s game turned on two bloop two run doubles. The first one traveled about 120 feet, and fell just out of reach of Danny Espinosa in short left. The second one was hit down the right field line to that part of Wrigley where the foul line is about 6 inches or so from the brick wall, and Harper reached for it, but it just ticked off his glove; Harper probably could have caught it, but if he’d done so, he’d have likely face planted into the wall, and I’ll take one lost game in May over losing him for months. At any rate, both bloops could’ve been the third out, but ifs and buts and all that, and the Cubs win again.

    Oh yeah, the Nats also managed to hit into a double play on a safety squeeze, but not in a way you might think; here’s ESPN’s play-by-play report:

    “Gonzalez bunted into fielder’s choice, catcher to third to catcher to third, Drew out at home, Gonzalez out at second, third to second.”

    So yeah, that happened….


  3. Dan Haren doesn’t tweet often, but when he does, he does it correctly. That might be the slowest HR trot walk I’ve ever seen. Anybody happen to get a stopwatch calendar on that thing?

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  4. Okay, guys. I expect everyone to have watched Captain America: Civil War by the end of tonight so we can all discuss tomorrow without worrying about spoilers, cool?

    Hmm… I may have to boycott the site for a couple of weeks then. I luvs ya Sally, but I luvs the wife more and I luvs sleeping on a mattress even more, we already have a date night planned for the following week.


  5. Happy Mother’s Day to Inda and all the other mothers here!

    Batman all the way. My best first grade friend and I had home made utility belt and watched Adam and Burt religiously back in ’66. Also, the best theme song of any superhero TV show ever. “Dadadadadadadadadadadadadada…BATMAN!”


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