Boolpen Implodes as Jar Jar Baseball’s “Defensive” Shift Backfires: Your Feesh Recap for 5/7/16

Tom Koehler righted hisself and pitched seven strong innings of one run, two hit, eight strikeout ball against the Feelies. Then he got to watch from the bench as his boolpen went cloacas-up in the eighth and Jar Jar Baseball’s brilliant defensive shift blew up in his face, leading to a 4-3 loss and a reprieve for the all but dissipated strange attractor.

The returning Justin Bour and then Marcell the Damned slugged solo home runs against Jeremy Hellickson, helping Koehler to a 3-1 lead as he finished up the seventh. In the eighth, the normally reliable Kyle Barraclough walked the leadorf hitter and gave up a single, only to have Breslow come in, permit both inherited runners plus a runner he allowed on another hit to score for which he took the loss. For reasons apparent only to Jar Jar Baseball, he had benched Bour and moved bargain basement utility man Chris Johnson from third to first where after Maikel Franco grounded lamely to third, he promptly dropped a throw from Miguel Rojas at second that would have completed an inning-ending double play but instead allowed the go-ahead run to plate itself. The Feesh at 16-13 are clinging to third place by a daisy growing at the edge of a cliff.

I should also mention that Jar Jar “rested” the red hot J T Realmuto because, well, you always rest a red hot catcher on a night game following a night game, especially on a Saturday because that’s when the fans most enthusiastically want to watch scrubs play. Instead, Jar Jar played popular clubhouse VETERAN PRESENCE and offensive nonentity and Rio Mendoza habitue Jeff Mathis, with his giftwrapped-with-a-bow trio of outs and three stranded runners.

The Feelies’  Brett Oberholtzer, who hadn’t won since the Crimean War, got the win in relief.

Strange attractor resurgent:


One thought on “Boolpen Implodes as Jar Jar Baseball’s “Defensive” Shift Backfires: Your Feesh Recap for 5/7/16

  1. Speaking as a fan of the team that shifts more than any in baseball, I really would like to see the stats on that strategy as we get deeper into the season. Watching a harmless little foul popup right by third base drop untouched to the ground because the Astro’s entire defense was shifted into Chambers County really set my teeth on edge the other night.


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