The Midnight Snack – It’s Not Easy Being Green Edition

This is the last snack of the week, for I am heading up to Happy’s part of the world to visit my best friend and watch Captain America: Civil War tomorrow and after working all day and driving for about five hours, I’ll be too tired to write anything.

Today is also Cinco de Mayo, which as Inda pointed out, is pretty much only celebrated by Americans who wants cheap margaritas, Coronas, and guac. I’ll take the guac, you guys can have the beer.

You know what else is green like guac, and I love just as much? Orbit.

Look at that face. Don’t you just wanna hug him? Do they make Orbit pillow pets? I know they make Phanatic ones; the bestie owns one and I am envious as heck.

But I digress. Not everything that’s furry and green is good. Mold, for example. And apparently Orbit’s evil twin brother, Norbit. Norbit is also the name of a really bad movie, so that’s legit.

Margaritas are green, too. All that lime. (I once had a blackberry margarita on the rocks and it was actually quite good. Pricey, but tasty, and surprisingly not green.) Another green thing that is pretty dang cool is the Ivy at Wrigley.

Kris Bryant’s double was gobbled up by the lush greenery within the Friendly Confines. This happens quite often; it’s the price of playing at Wrigley, that you might end up getting a ball lost within the ivy. But it wasn’t always so. The Cubs first planted the ivy in the outfield (better than angels, in my opinion) in the late 30s. This really cool old video shot by a Cubs fan in 1938 shows vintage Wrigley in all of its glory. What’s really cool about it is that, in some ways, it hasn’t changed. It’s difficult to see the ivy in the video. However, the scoreboard is still there and it’s beautiful as always.

The last thing I want to talk about in a green sort of mood is the Hulk. He doesn’t really have a say in the Avengers’ civil war, but I would think he’d be Team Iron Man. Me? Come on, you guys have to know. I’m #TeamCap, baby. All of my favorites are there – Cap, Falcon, Bucky. Shoutout to Paul Rudd…er…Ant-Man, too. I live a Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes appreciation life.

Where do you stand? Team Iron Man? Team Cap? Tell me down in the comments, so I know who to cross off of my Christmas card list. (I kid. Kinda)

11 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – It’s Not Easy Being Green Edition

        1. I am offended that you would imply that I would partake in such dishonorable behavior.

          There is no collusion or hoodwinkery taking place. Merely some camaraderie.

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  1. I went into the movie with an open mind as to which side I would prefer.


    Captain America is sort of a dick. I did not know he was anti-government Libertarian with binary thinking skills. And Scarlet Witch is a whiny titty baby who I wanted to bitch slap the entire movie. Her face angered me.

    I don’t want a Xmas card anyway. Bad for the environment. 🙂


    1. Only click the following link if you have seen the movie. Chris Evans is on Team Iron Man too. He and I can hang out together and talk about accountability while I stare into those pretty baby blues..

      “You have to answer to somebody… if there really were Avengers, I would be Team Iron Man.” Chris Evans is awesome!


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