The Kangqueror Is Back! Blasted 2 Homeruns In Bucco Win

(Kang Jung-ho’s 1st homerun of the season against the Cardinals today.)

(Kang’s 2nd homerun of the night! Extending the Bucco lead to 4 in the 8th.)

The Pittsburgh Pirates activated Kang Jung-ho off the disable list prior to this game, manning 3rd base and batting in the 6th spot against the Cardinals in this one. And boy, oh boy! Kang Jung-ho came back swinging, blasting his 1st homerun of the season (2-run homerun) in the 6th to right, giving the Buccos a 3-0 lead in the 6th… and his second (LOOOONG) homer of the game in the 8th inning to left, propelling the Buccos to a 4-2 win against their division rivals. Just, awesome…


(Whoops, forgot to add… this is also Kang’s 2nd multi-homerun game in his MLB career, his first multi-homerun game happened back last season, in August 22 against the SF Giants at PNC Park, the time where he also hit 2 homeruns in that day.)

15 thoughts on “The Kangqueror Is Back! Blasted 2 Homeruns In Bucco Win

  1. Fortunately, the NFBC allows you to change your hitting lineup on Friday if you like. Which is great of you have some guy twist an ankle on a Monday. I inserted Kang into the lineup on almost all of them, so I got to enjoy those two homers many times.


    • I had Kang stashed in my DL spot and didn’t want to make a roster move until I thought he was up to speed, considering he had such a rough ride through his rehab games (6-for-40 at AAA).

      I’ve got him in the active lineup today, but I have a feeling I might have already missed the single most productive day he’ll have all year.


        • I had him last year and was completely happy with the results. There’s just not many 2 HR’s days in anybody’s bat, sucks to leave them on the bench.


        • I agree. Kang’s going to have a lot of good days this year.

          Glad to see a good player recover from a bad injury.


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