Jonny Gomes Resigning From The NPB

Jonny Gomes with Rakuten.

Via sports JP… News just came out today that former Major Leaguer, Jonny Gomes (35 years old) will leave the NPB, his team received a request coming from Gomes just this day to be released, and his team granted it… Playing in the NPB Pacific League, with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, designated hitter Jonny Gomes is only batting .169/.246/.280 in 18 games played (11 for 65), with a homerun and 7 RBI’s throughout the course in the regular season… Gomes signed a one-year deal with Rakuten in the off-season this year, back in February 22… worth an estimated 200 million Yen with some added incentives included.

A request for his sudden release is not because of his poor offensive showings in Japan, but… it is most likely due to family matters/reasons back home in the United States, as stated via (JP last month (in April 26), the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles informed the media that Gomes (Jonny) has requested temporary leave, and will head back to the US due to “personal matters”…

With him now gone from the team, Jonny Gomes made a statement to his team’s fans…

“To be able to play in front of the best fans in NPB, cheering at full force and with the amount of energy and passion you gave to us and our team granted me strength and a supportive environment… My season playing in front of you all (Rakuten fans) may be short, but… I am happy, and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart… I hope we’ll see each other someday in the future.”

It is still not yet known whether Jonny Gomes will continue playing Baseball at the moment. But, if he does… it will be there in the US, not overseas.


11 thoughts on “Jonny Gomes Resigning From The NPB

  1. Huh. Who would have thought that a washed up guy with major cultural differences would have had any problems on a baseball team in a foreign country?

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    • I doubt if anything more than distance itself was a factor if, in fact, Gomes has issues to resolve back home. If you had to pick a foreign country to live in for six months out of the year, you couldn’t pick a friendlier, more interessin’, more courteous and welcoming country than Japan. One of my few regrets in life is that, give how much I have loved every moment I spent there, I never really tried very hard to find a teaching fellowship or Fulbright award to live there for an extended period of time.


      • I haven’t been to their country yet but, after seeing all the very positive things through videos and etc, Japan is truly an awesome place to visit. Not to mention, they are very passionate when it comes to Baseball. The Koshien tourney is also one of the great sporting events in their country I recommend to attend and watch if you’re there in Japan.


      • The Japanese are – if nothing else – resolutely courteous hosts to outsiders. I spent three weeks on a business trip there some years back, and was looked after by my hosts in an exemplary manner.

        I know nothing about Gomes’s personal life. But I suspect it was just the distance that did him in. That is a problem.


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