He’s a Yankee Doodle Baddie


Welcome, new citizen and suspended alleged domestic abuser.

Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman has been on a 30-day suspension for violation of MLB’s Domestic Violence policy. Commissioner Manfred found cause to suspend Chapman for the violation despite the fact that he was not prosecuted for his actions by the legal authority with jurisdiction in Florida where the incident occurred. Chapman accepted the determination and has been serving his suspension.

What has the pitcher been doing with his spare time this spring? Well, one thing is that on April 29th he became a US citizen. Chapman took the citizenship oath that day, and posted the above pic to his Instagram account to celebrate.

Interestingly, in order to obtain citizenship in the US, an applicant must be of “good moral character” — that is not a dangerous criminal or threat to the public good.  One of the categories of crimes that permanently bars one from gaining citizenship is violence that results in imprisonment for more than one year. Would a domestic violence conviction qualify? Only if it was for a felony — the penalties for which include more than a year of jail time. An arrest for misdemeanor assault (like Hector Olivera’s recent one) wouldn’t be sufficient to bar anyone from citizenship. So, Chapman can be suspended from playing for pushing and/or intimidating his girlfriend and terrorizing her by shooting his gun off, but that in no way will prohibit him from enjoying the rights and privileges of being a naturalized Stater (vote Trump!).

More importantly, now that Chapman has citizenship status, he cannot be deported even if he commits a violent felony in the future. Hopefully, Chapman’s behavior never escalates to that — or even better, he learns his lesson and gets help to manage his anger and violent urges. For now, though, he’s just a small-time abuser, and that’s okay with us! Welcome to America.


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9 thoughts on “He’s a Yankee Doodle Baddie

  1. Another stellar Historiophiliac post. What a joke, one must be in jail for a year to be banned? As with many U.S. laws it’s a yes/no answer. You would wish that the issue – firing a gun at the wall again and again – would at least cause a suspension of the citizenship process for a year or so. “Stay clean and you’re in” or something along those lines. Oh, but I forgot: he’s rich and famous so we want him here.
    Thanks, Obama!


    1. well, also not exactly. yes felonies will get you excluded, removed deported, but really crimes of moral turpitude that aren’t felonies will cause you problems.

      they aren’t fully defined, but are generally crimes that you should know are crimes, like theft and general meanness.

      i can’t find my chart and don;t feel like looking for it, but it does include misdo’s.


    2. Sure, but if we take this judgement out of a vacuum. We live in a country in which cops kill unarmed people every day and few are charged or even fired. A country in which even the Federal Protective Service hires psychopathic child molesters who then commit murder after multiple restraining orders. A country in which all branches of the armed services have harbored and defended rapists and refused to protect women that are defenders of the country.

      At least he’s a person of questionable character that isn’t and will not be in a position of authority. I have far greater concerns about the people charged with the protection of the public that this asshole.


  2. he couldn;t be deported anyway. cuban. maybe that will change with detente, but for now, no deportation.

    i’ve had a few cubans come through. no matter the felony, they just get released.

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