The Iron Giant is a Star Wars Freak

This message is being brought to you by your “Can’t Make This Shit Up” Department.

I mentioned earlier, in my May 4 Feesh recap, that when the Iron Giant sat for his postgame interview he was suddenly surrounded by three teammates wearing odd masks – a pig, a monkey and a Jar Jar Base…er, Binks. I thought that was pretty odd so I checked a bit further into it and it turns out that yesterday was Star Wars Day at Macondo Banana Massacre Field and all over the void. Apparently it’s based on the extenuated pun “May the Fourth be with you,” which – Dear Buddha, get this – was coined in a telegram sent to Margaret Thatcher (the Iron Maiden, you see) by a group of Conservative Party functionaries on the occasion of her inauguration as Prime Minister of the Angel Isle on May 4th, 1979:

Wonder what her first order of business was.

Anyway, fast forward to 2011 for the first “organized” Star Wars Day, and then fast forward to yesterday in the Feesh training room:

A little further research disclosed that the Iron Giant is indeed a big Star Wars fan. You will note that the Iron Giant has the Chewbacca vocals down cold. Now that (unless it’s a recording), you have to admit, is impressive stuff. Moreover it explains why so many pitchers and catchers cover their mouths when they meet at the mound as the Iron Giant steps up to the plate. They don’t want anyone to lip-read “let the Wookie walk.”

The video is also a good opportunity to observe closely and in detail the musculoskeletal mechanism that crushes baseballs like a singularity and drives them outward at a couple of parsecs per second. And perhaps it’s also an opportunity to take some notes on what a backloaded third of a billion dollar paycheck can do to a grown man’s psyche, such that perhaps he refers to his manager as Jar Jar Baseball when he isn’t within earshot.

I haven’t yet figured out the pig and monkey, and since there was no Greedo (a shame, because Greedo could have clarified the mystery) I don’t guess Scrooge McLoria was in on the fun. Maybe they were just some kind of Chinese New Year reference. Anything is possible, innit?

Update: here’s the Jar Jar video. Synchronicity is as alive and well at Macondo Banana Massacre Field as it is at




2 thoughts on “The Iron Giant is a Star Wars Freak

  1. Just when I thought I’d seen all the “May the 4th be with you” memes out there, my music nerd daughter (who is also a big Star Wars fan) hit me with this one:


  2. Yeah, well, that’s what our little girls do to their daddies, right?

    I’ve always pretty much ignored anything to do with Star Wars after the first three (ergo, episodes IV-VI). Everything since then has been pretty soulless, and the most recent installment was the biggest rehash since my platter of refried beans at the local Tex-Mex.

    However, I do believe that a mostly naked Iron Giant in a Chewbacca mask would really revitalize the franchise, especially among impressionable females.


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