So, What Did I Miss? Write Your Own, I Was At A Game (5/5/16)


Happy Cinco de Mayo! A day no actual Mexican actually celebrates, but everybody in the club get tipsy!

My first Mets game was back in 1981. My father, a huge Dodgers fan, took me to see the Dodgers play the Mets at Shea Stadium. Fernando Valenzuela vs. Mike Scott. The Dodgers won 1-0. My dad wore his satin blue Dodgers jacket which he owned for decades. It was the game that hooked me on baseball.

Last night, the Dodgers were in town to play the Rays. For the first time, I took my two little ones to a game with me alone. Usually, it is my little man, my 4 year old, who is my shadow. I thought my eldest, the 7 year old girl who is normally difficult to entertain, would spend the game buried in the iPad connected to wifi. I was so wrong. She was spectacular, cheering like I have never seen a little kid cheer, earning her smiles (and a gift) from by-standers in her Catholic school uniform and my yellow Rays cap. We were close to the bullpen. I don’t know what pitcher he was–he had on a jacket and he was a newbie–but even he turned and smiled. I was so proud of her. I may or may not have had her convinced, that yes, she controls the Rays with her cheering. I am laughing at her perfect and beautiful innocence. “I do?” Yes, sweetheart, of course you do. “Do you want to go home?” It was getting late in the 8th inning. School night.”No, mommy, the Rays need me.” In a sense, we all control our team. I think the players who care do feed off the positive energy from the fans. It’s not something measurable, of course. I’m a student of the numbers, but I also believe in that which cannot be measured.

As per usual, it was not a big crowd at the Trop, but it was a boisterous crowd. With apologies to Daniel Webster: “They are sir, as I have said, a small team, but there are those who love them!” My voice will be raspier than normal today. We were banging on the seats in front of us like they were bongos at every strike 2 count–our entire section was.

We were totally tripping!!

My hand hurts. When Carl Crawford struck out, you would thought we had clinched a post-season spot. There was much celebration and hugging across the land. The Rays won 8-5. We sang loudly all the way home on 275, windows down. Celebrate good times, come on!

I don’t believe in an afterlife. Heaven and hell exist here on earth. But in case I am wrong–I have been wrong about things and will continue to be–last time I checked, I was human. In the event I am wrong yet again, and one exists, I know dad was smiling. It was that kind of magical night.

I didn’t expect to write this much about our game. Again, thanks for indulging me. I do want to know what happened last night in your games. I didn’t get a chance to watch anything when I got home. I was watching the scoreboard at the Trop, but the game at hand was very exciting, and it is not a very useful one, like the one at Busch Stadium.

Please recap your games. 🙂 Thanks.


52 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? Write Your Own, I Was At A Game (5/5/16)

  1. Papa Bear awoke from hibernation last night, throwing up a vintage 7.0 6 0 0 2 6 0 pitching line. Bears apparently don’t hibernate in the jungle, so in honor of not hibernating, I leave you this:

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  2. CC Sebathia looked like old school CC Sebathia. That is to say dominant. (He’s actually lost a ton of weight and looks healthier than he has in a long time. Sobriety is good to him. Congratulations sir.) The O’s rookie hung in there for a while, but eventually ran out of steam. The O’s bullpen did not do it’s typically outstanding job and let a loss get out of hand. I guess if you are gonna lose, you may as well lose big.

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  3. Nats/Royals was over before it started, as the Nats scored six in the top of the first, with five coming before the Royals recorded an out. The inning started with two errors by the Royals and included a passed ball, so it was a laugher in the literal sense of the word.

    Strasburg struggled a bit to enjoy the largesse; sitting for 20+ minutes after warming up can do that to a guy, but he managed to settle down and cruised through six. Daniel Murphy continues to be a hitting machine, Ryan Zimmerman had three hits to go 7-14 in the series, and even Bryce Harper showed signs of life with a bloop single and a wind-aided home run. (I was only listening to the game on Sirius, and so I had the Royals’ announcers call of the game, and that’s basically how they described it.) By the end of the day, pretty much everyone not named Lobaton had played for the Nats, and they ended up winning 13-2.

    Word is Ben Revere (remember him?) might be returning to the Nats’ lineup as early as tonight’s game, when they start a four game series in Chicago with the Cubs. I was hopeful for 5-5 on this trip, but seeing as how they’re already 5-1, I’m now hoping for 7-3 by the time it’s all said and done.


      • Sorry about the lack of musical accompaniment. In order of the Nats’ next destination, here’s Ol’ Blue Eyes his own self:

        As for Harper, I didn’t see the game. The KC radio guys made it sound like there was a gale blowing out to right, and Harper’s homer was anything but a no-doubter. Boxscore on ESPN said wind was 16 mph, and Harper’s homer traveled 376 feet, but the game story had this:

        “To tell you the truth, it was a terrible swing,” Harper said. “But it hit my barrel, so I’ll take it. I’m just trying to stay with the approach, stay with what I’m doing. It’ll come. It’ll fall. I’m not worried a bit.”


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  4. Aaron Sanchez looked shaky early on, coughing up 3 runs in the first two innings, but then he settled down and put up zeroes for the next 5 innings. The Jays were down by two until the bottom of the 6th, when Edwin did Edwin things to a baseball (with Bautista on base) and took the parrot for a trot around the bases in a now-tied game. Thus it remained until the bottom of the 9th, when Rangers’ reliever Tony Barnette loaded the bases on a hit and a pair of walks. Enter a struggling Russ Martin, with a newly-shorn face except for a classic baseball ‘stache. Three pitches later, he drove a ball over the head of right fielder Nomar Mazara for the Jays’ second walk-off win in a row.

    Following the game, Martin offered this explanation to the change in facial hair:

    “Just trying to change something up just to see what would happen. So far, so good. So the mustache is staying.”

    Tonight: Holland (3-1, 2.48) vs Happ (3-0, 2.76)

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  5. Whelp, Phillies lost last night’s game 5 to 4. It started out Ok. Ryan Howard hit a three run bomb to put the Phillies ahead. He’s hitting .195/.258/.448 but has managed 7 home runs in 85 at bats this season which is 1 HR per 12.14 ABs. For reference, the all time leaders in that category that have a better rate are two dudes named Mark and Ruth and it’s just a hair above another dude named Bonds.

    I’m starting think that Mackanin’s pep talk to Ryan Howard this spring went something like this:

    (if the embed doesn’t work, Sally, fix it pretty please)

    The Phillies were up 4-3 in the bottom of the 9th but couldn’t get the grounder for the DP they wanted to get out of the jam.

    Jeanmar Gomez blew his first save of the year. It was the Matts that did him in. As in, Matt Adams crushing a double off the wall and Matt Holiday with the single that brought in the winning run. Do you know the Cardinals have three Matts in their roster?


  6. Astros and Twins played for who was worst in the AL. I am happy to report that the Twins are for now the clear claimants. Happier to report that the Astros batting funk was over for at least one night – 16-4. Of course, as you would figure, I had sat down a slumping Correa on my Fantasy team. But that’s okay. Astros first, Fantasy team second.

    Now we will see if they right the ship with Seattle. Unfortunately, after only 38 games, they have to play 60% the rest of the way to get a decent lock on the Division championship.

    But first things first. A journey of 1000 miles still requires a first step.


  7. A’s hung 8 on felix start. 4 earned. the A’s gave them all back plus one. Nelson cruz hit on e to the nether reaches of Mt. Davis.

    I though I had seen one go there before, but a cabal of A’s fans that I chat with don’t remember,a nd I don’t have a solid memory of it, just a feeling that I’v seen it before

    Dae Ho Lee hit 2.

    The A’s stunk, the Mariners stunk. but as the mariners were good enough.


  8. All sweeps are good, but road sweeps are even better….and road sweeps against divisional opponents are the best. Cubs are now 5-1 against PIT and STL, with all of those games coming away from Wrigley.

    The Cubs now head home for a much-needed 10-game homestand with the Nats, Padres, and Pirates. They have only played 10 games at home so far, the fewest of any team in the majors. I’m hoping for an 8-2 record in these 10 games, but I’d be fine with 7-3.

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