The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

It was a dark and stormy night in Cheeselandia… and strange things are afoot.

Celebrate and Dance So Free!:  Y’all. Something unbelievable happened tonight. No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump saying nice things about Ted Cruz, I’m talking about this – the Braves beat the Mets.

I repeat. The Braves beat the Mets.

My reaction?

Fresh blood Matt Wisler went shutout on us for eight innings, beating Matt Harvey.

What is this world?

When Good Things Happen to Good People: There’s a German word for enjoying the misery of other people. It’s schadenfreude, and it’s one of my favorite weird words. Tonight, Twitter is a cornucopia of schadenfreude, and it centers around this site’s number one Love to Hate Mascot.

That’s right, fam. The Nats played the Royals, who got the walk off against Papelbon. Dude gave up three runs in the ninth (!!!!).

This makes me smile like I’ve been possessed by a demon. Or, conversely, I’m J. Paps.

Yeah, feast on it, ladies and gents.

Our old friend Gleeman, I think, had the line of the night.

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