So, What Did I Miss? (5/4/16)

Today, I ask you to indulge me. Okay, more so than usual, be quiet. My Rays, how do I say this nicely? They shit… oh, wait, that’s not nice. They played very, very, very badly against the Dodgers, losing 10-5. Puig hit a bomb that put a hole in the Trop. Thanks, it looks better. Kazmir gave the Rays plenty of opportunities, but Moore proved to be less. That said, nowhere on this blog does it say we are a baseball blog. I don’t see it, do you? So… I am going to celebrate the Tampa Bay Lightning’s OT 5-4 win over the New York Islanders to give them a 2-1 lead in the second round of the seemingly interminable hockey playoffs! Brian Boyle, baby!

I always joke: I am fluent in baseball, but conversant in hockey which is shockingly popular in Tampa Bay. Fortunately, there was lots of baseball last night, so let’s get on with that, but today, we are listening to songs about ice, ice baby, too cold.

You thought I was going to link to Vanilla Ice, didn’t you? Give me some credit! Oh, wait, I would troll like that, wouldn’t I? Never mind. 

Cubs 7-Pirates 1. Arrieta yada yada, retires 15 straight, yada, give him Cy. Rizzo, yada, double, runs, yada. Cubs win! YAY!

Right now, the Cubs are General Zod in Superman 2:

At this rate, they are clinching in June. Moving along. 🙂

Cleveland 7-Tigers 3. Lindor is a one man show, falling a triple short of a cycle. Defense, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout:

Royals 7-Nationals 6. Moose with the walk-off. He’s a cold-hearted… moose?

Blue Jays 3-Rangers 1(10). Smoakin’ hot.

Orioles 4-Yankees 1. Trumbo, Tillman, Truth. A-rod exits game with a right hamstring injury. I hope it is nothing too serious. History’s greatest monster needs to finish bigger than this.

Miami 7-Diamondbacks 4. Miami continues their inexplicable winning ways. I’ll let Original Gangsta handle his recap. Ichiro!!!

Braves 3 – Mets 0???? Okay. Shame on you, Dark Knight. You know the penalty for this. Actually, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Wisler had a no-hitter into the 5th inning. Shame! Shame! Shame!

Giants 3-Reds 1. Shark looked like vintage 2013. A fine vintage.

White Sox 4-Red Sox 1. Do not ever wash white and red socks together in hot water unless you want a bunch of pink socks. I learned this the hard way. Grandma tried to warn me, but I wouldn’t listen. Quintana four hit the Red Sox, only giving up a homer to Hanley.

Brewers 5-Angels 4. Junior Guerra is alive!!

Astros 6-Twins 4. Springer hits the tracks. I don’t know why I like that so much. I have always loved trains, since I was a kid riding the subway in NYC.

Phillies 1-Cardinals 0. I don’t know why I like this so much either, lol. Aaron Nola, awesome name, remains undefeated on the road.

Mariners 8-A’s 2. Second bad start for Gray. Hmm.

Padres 6-Rockies 3. Padres were getting hit until Kemp said no, no, no… I tried to embed the video, but is being a bitch, and I have to get ready for work.

I could not resist, Father, forgive me…






16 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? (5/4/16)

  1. Papelbon failed to hold a two run lead in the ninth last night. He was effective at getting to two strikes with his fastball high in the zone, but then he’d try a breaking ball down, and give up a hit (five in all in the inning). Mosutakas tied the game with a two run single, and then Lorenzo Cain later singled him home with the winning run. Painful to watch as a fan, but not the type of closer meltdown to give us all agita like we used to get with Mr. Storen, because we know Papelbon won’t carry this one with him for weeks.

    Meanwhile, Bryce Harper has apparently totally forgotten how to baseball, as his slump has reached 1-23, and he looks absolutely lost at the plate, like a 23 year old who’s overmatched at the MLB level and could stand a trip back to AAA. (I don’t believe for a second that this is a possibility; I’m only using this imagery to give you, dear reader, a picture of his current futility.) I’m sure we’ll see a return to form, and hopefully soon, but man, I’ve never seen him look this bad.


  2. i don;t have time right now, but yeah, sonny is odd.

    and marte has been fantastic for teh M’s. they may have something there.

    is it me, or are the cubs getting unlikable? sorry prof


    • Yeah, who do those Cubs think they are? Don’t they know they are supposed to be the league’s doormats? Someone needs to tell those uppity bastards what’s what.

      Liked by 1 person

        • It’s the young (pre-arbitration) core that makes the big money signings possible. At least they aren’t spending $130M on obvious mistakes like Alfonso Soriano anymore.

          Just curious…does 26-year-old Heyward count as part of the young core, or as a big money signing?

          I don’t like Lackey, so you’ll get no argument from me on that particular assbasket, though he wasn’t all that expensive.


        • heyward is big money.

          look, i don’t begrudge them winning. but leter, heywood, lester, zobrist and to a degree fowler make them less plucky underdogs


        • So a team that’s not the plucky underdogs can’t be likable?

          I’m not trying to change your mind or convince you to love my team….just wondering how you are defining the situation.

          Personally, the whole notion of having a team that’s both expected to be good and is indeed good is a pretty new experience for me, and I’m enjoying every bit of it. The recent rebuilding years were pretty miserable to watch, but at least they haven’t been wasted with an insincere or halfassed rebuilding effort, as has been the case in the past.


        • ANd you should. its your team.

          but you know, as much as any fan, when it comes to secondary or tertiary rooting interest, many people, myself included, root for plucky upstarts.

          My A’s were probably more likeable as winners in 2012 and 2013. when they had the best record in the league and traded for Samardjiza (damn you) hamel and lester, i am sure people who weren’t fans weren’t as likely to “root” for them.

          Mine was just an observation. I don’t dislike teams (save for the angels), and have a sort of hierarchy in rooting for them. I think I was more inot the cubs last year than this. although it looked like the plan from the beginning. the year after bryant gets called up spend big and go for it.


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