The Midnight Snack – Monday

Hello, fam. Once again, we venture back into the work week and I don’t know about you, but I am needing my Snack this evening. And we got all the flavors I like, so let’s dig in.

Taters and Ribs:  Adam Wainwright took it to the house.

That’s impressive. I don’t care who you are, if you’re a heathen who hates fun and wants everyone to have the DH or not. (I’m kidding, you guys.) That was a shot. A true thing of beauty.

Everyone knows I like Waino despite the fact that he pitches for the Cardinals. I like the way he throws a ball, and this evening I liked the way he smashed a tater like a gol’dang monster.

You don’t have to hit bombs to be a productive batter. Just ask the Brewers’ Jimmy Nelson, who along with a good pitching performance had a great day at the plate as well. I have been impressed by young James since last year, when the Brewers called him up, and I think he has a great future in the league. He has basically been on the mound for most of the Brewers’ quality games and he continues to grow.

But here’s the cool part (at least for me). Three at-bats, two hits, one RBI, leaving Mr. Nelson with a batting average of .214, which right now is better than Crew third baseman Aaron Hill.

Eventually they’ll take this away from me, and for you haters out there, I’m sure you think this is ridiculous. But truly, this is one of the few neverending founts of joy in my life, so I will continue to enjoy it until such time that AL rules take over the NL like the Blob from that old Steve McQueen movie.

Lukewarm Takes:  This isn’t necessarily a baseball story, but it’s a sports story, and friends, we are a sports blog. So I’mma blog it, yo.

According to Deadspin, two of the most odious “sports journalists” in America today, Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd, are joining forces on Fox Sports 1 to create a show that I would as soon scoop out my eyes with a melon baller than watch. They are coming together like an outrageous, hideous, loud and egotistical Optimus Prime to rip off the venerable Pardon the Interruption mixed with the unwatchable First Take. This show, as of now untitled but sure to be something like “Sparring Partners” or some nonsense like that, will either fail like those mid-season replacement shows on network tv that last two episodes and then mysteriously vanish, or will be hate watched by thousands and will cause FS1 to think that “Shoot the Messenger” or whatever they call it is must see television.

anchorman regretCuriously, they think this is a great idea but nixed Curt Schilling. This is a network that has the aforementioned bombastic Cowherd and vainglorious peacock Whitlock, but also the nasty trollish Skip Bayless joining their ranks. This speaks so poorly about Schilling that I don’t know where to begin.

A Deadspin commentor, not named me, actually brought up a point that I would have myself, but did it better than I could:

And its interesting that you brought up PTI. Say what you will about that show and the guys on it, but it works. And it works because those guys seem to genuinely love and care about each other. Which is rare, and not something you can bank on when you make TV, but just putting two high-priced mouths together, with so much TV out there, is asking for failure if they don’t care enough to put egos aside to make it work.

I agree; and this is where “Egos R Us” will ultimately fail. There is no one that Colin Cowherd loves more or respects at all than himself and Derek Jeter, and since Jason Whitlock is not Colin Cowherd or Derek Jeter, he will not be loved or respected. And Jason Whitlock believes he is the smartest man in any room, which will grate on Cowherd to no end.

This is going to be a nightmare of a show, and I am eagerly looking forward to the hasty press releases when one of them goes off on the other.

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