So, What Did I Miss? I Could Use a Little Help (5/2/16)

Okay, I lied. I didn’t write this from the airport. Instead, I chatted with my Skypers, watched some of the Red Sox – Yankees, ate dinner, and moped because I don’t wanna go back to work, I wanna travel to another baseball stadium tomorrow, waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

As some of you are aware, I traveled to the heart of the country this weekend. I have traveled to the Midwest before, back when I ran away from home to Ames, Iowa. This time I visited St. Louis to see the Nationals play the Cardinals. As a kid, I genuinely disliked the St. Louis Cardinals and Whitey Herzog. They tortured my team, the Mets. I also recall an incident  in which some fans threw objects at Mookie Wilson, probably one of only two likable Mets on that team. New York fans were supposed to be the bullies. Recent events made me a bit suspicious of the area. Deadspin is especially fond of highlighting St. Louis’ racism because you know, it doesn’t happen anywhere else.

I didn’t see much evidence of it. If they were the phony nice, well, they fooled me pretty good. The only thing even bordering on a race thing–a young black man in dreadlocks with an angry face gave me a good long stare on the train on my way to the ballpark. I stared back. He looked away. That was that. The people are very attractive–blue eyes, rosy cheeks, lots of natural red heads, or dark, mahogany skin with chocolate eyes. I saw more black people at Busch Stadium than I ever see at Tropicana Field, and the Trop borders a black neighborhood. I notice these things not because I am racist but because I am not. I am usually the only one of my kind wherever I am. The token, I joke about it. Some say “I never notice color” or “I only see the person, not the color of their skin.” It is usually a kind, well meaning white person who says that. If I put you in a room full of black people, and you were the only white person, I bet you would notice color then.


Back to the game. The seats were out in left field, close to the National’s bullpen, which means I got to do a little bit of my pre-game ritual: what a great pitcher warm-up. It is one thing to watch them work during a game, but it is a special treat to see them get ready. Toss the ball back and forth. Talk things over. I was in for a treat because one the best in baseball was going to pitch for the Nationals: Max Scherzer.

I was as giddy as a child. The only other person watching was a Nationals fan who had come in from DC. What is wrong with people?

The stadium itself was stunning. It was a warm, sunny day that started overcast and I wish had stayed overcast. There was no shelter from the sun so my tan is even darker. I believe I described it as 9000 degrees, oh my god, so, so, so hot, it’s only May, where is my dome? I cannot imagine how hot it must get there in July and August. The Jumbotron is amazing! High definition and huge, and they update the scores for other teams in great detail. Yes, there is SLG and WHIP.

Even the restroom was great, lol. I have never seen such large restroom, so many stalls, it was crazy. Over 42k and I NEVER waited on a line!!! And I had to pee. That beer went through me like a waterfall. It was always clean too. I was so impressed. All the small things.

Scherzer was vintage. He went 7 innings and struck out 9. His pitch count was getting high and there was wonder if Dusty would Dusty and keep him in until his arm turned to dust. No. Scherzer came out. Harper did nothing! You know why? He sensed my presence. Don’t believe me? I owned Harper in 2014 in my fantasy baseball league. Look up his 2014 stats. I am Harper’s kryptonite. It has nothing to do with Carlos Martinez’ good pitching performance through five innings, finally melting down in the sixth, or the Cardinals’ approach to him. Many, many Best Fans left before the game was over because their team was down by a lot… tsk, tsk, tsk. What is that about? And they tried to start a wave. Our section repeatedly killed it, lol. I joked to the guy sitting next to me, “We are not California. No wave.” lol

The Nationals won 7-1, sweeping the Cardinals. I had a great time. Beautiful stadium, beautiful people. I still don’t like your team, but it is with a little more respect.


The view of the arch through an arch from a stop on the Metrolink.

Okay, let me get a move on with the ‘cap, I have to go to work…

It’s a day late for May Day, but we can celebrate it on May 2nd too. 

Boston completes their sweep of New York, 8-7. Although, Boston has to be pleased with the W, they still have cause for worry–Price with another lousy outing, giving up 6 runs. His peripheral numbers remain good, but he is getting hit hard. Something is not right. My friends who are Yankees fans might not want to click the following link.

The Phillies (?????) completed their sweep of Cleveland, 2-1. Everybody cleaning house this weekend. Feel free to sweep here. Before the season began, would you have ever bet that the Phillies would sweep the seemingly better on paper Cleveland?

Those Phillies pitchers continue to impress. Velasquez didn’t allow a run for the third time in one of his starts.

Colorado also swept their series, beating the D’backs 6-3. Sweep, sweep, sweep! This time it was the best third baseman in the National League doing the damage, Nolan Arenado. He needs to be a household name. I have heard him in interviews. He is funny, witty, and the camera likes his face. Trevor Story was blanked. Arenado + Story are America’s Sweethearts. Sorry, Cubbie fans. I know you think it’s Bryzzo. They can both be. We can have an adorable pair walk-off.

Speaking of Cubs, Maddon, very original with the road trip clothing ideas.

I have no idea where I have seen that before. I’ll keep thinking… 😉

Anyhow, the Cubs failed to complete their sweep of the Braves, with the Barves winning 4-3 in 10. I was really rooting for the Braves hard yesterday. The Braves needed that win so badly. The Cubs have a plethora of wins. Their run differential is greater than the number of runs the Braves have scored all season–it’s pretty close anyway. I wanted that poor little underdog team and their 5 measly homers to win so much. And they did. Barring a catastrophic collapse of unforeseen proportions, and… yeah, Chicago in the past has proven they are capable of that historically, but seeing as no one from the 1969 team plays on this team, I’m not feeling it… the Cubs are going to the post-season. The Braves… ai ai ai. Little victories like this can make a difference for a fan, making a long season a little more bearable. I have friends in low places.

I got to see him live in Central Park in 1997. My girl friend worked at NBC and had press passes so we were really close to the stage. The crowd was so nice, the most pleasant I had ever seen a group of New Yorkers. “Please”. “Excuse me.” “Thank You.” Smiles. Where was I?

The Astros beat Oakland 2-1, Altuve delivers the firepower. The Little Engine That Could.

I really do need to finish getting ready for work, so if you could all finish the recap for me, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you. The next stop on my tour of ballparks is Turner Field next month. Then I have Safeco in July, followed by Wrigley Field.

I need wide open spaces. My favorite country group by far.


27 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? I Could Use a Little Help (5/2/16)

  1. I believe Harper’s performance yesterday (0-4, with 4 Ks) is what’s referred to in baseball as The Golden Sombrero. Indy, if you really are Harper Kryptonite, then please stay the fuck away from him until such time as the Rays are playing the Nats. 🙂

    Yesterday’s game was one of the first this season that I’ve been able to watch from start to finish. I can’t add much to our intrepid on-site reporter’s dispatch from the front lines, other than the Nats’ announcers finding it odd that The Best Fans in Baseball were seemingly more interested in how the Blues were doing than in the game in front of them. The cheers that went up at odd (for baseball) times after each goal scored by the Blues were definitely noted on TV, although it’s not clear how the Cardinals players themselves felt about it. What was the general reaction in your area of the stadium, Indy?

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  2. was watching part of a cardinal game this weekend. the announcers were promoting a event by encouraging listeners (or watchers, i can’t remember if i had tv or radio feed) to visit “”

    i missed pretty much the whole day being out


  3. Racist isn’t thinking “Gee there are a lot of [ethnicity] here. Racist is thinking “There’s a lot of [ethnicity] here so I’m going to leave.” There is nothing wrong with noticing a large amount of any particular ethnicity, especially if that ethnicity is atypical. (There is however a problem with knowing EXACTLY how many of any particular ethnicity is in a room. If you are actually doing the math.) For example, we have a local casino that has a very large Asian population, which I always found interesting because outside of the casino, even in the mall it’s attached to, I never see many Asians, so it stands out more as being unusual. But of course that in no way affects my decision not to go to said casino. I simply avoid the casino because I don’t particularly like casinos (or gambling for that matter). Also, anyone who tells you they don’t see color is either color blind, or a liar. We all see race. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just like we all notice other things about a person. (Gender, physical attributes, shirt color, whatever.) I see color. I just don’t particularly care what color you are. Personally I care more about accent than I do color. If I can’t understand you on the phone, it makes life mighty difficult since a large portion of my job is handled over the phone. If only everyone could communicate solely via texting apps.


      • Counting to one is a little different. I was thinking more along the lines when my (very racist, asshole, prick, poor excuse of a father, the man who taught me exactly how NOT to be) would count the amount of minorities in a store, then when we reached a magic number would force us to leave. (I’ll never forget the embarrassment whenever that would happen.) Thankfully for me, I had the complete opposite of a mother, (someone who taught me to be open-minded, accepting, kind, and considering.) and I take after her. Must be miserable being a hateful bigot son of a bitch.


      • We had this conversation before, and I swear to you, I never notice the race of anyone at the ballpark because I don’t pay attention to anyone there except what’s on the field for the most part. I am usually not able to tell you who is sitting next to me, if they are black, white, male, female, young or old. Generally unless they talk to me for some reason, I don’t pay any attention to anyone around me.

        The only time I notice people in the stands are when it’s on the jumbotron or there’s a loud ruckus and my attention gets drawn away from the diamond, in which case I get ticked off because I paid to watch baseball, not the people in the stands. 😛

        And yes, when there’s no baseball actually being played I watch the bullpen or the dugout, or I look for the mascot. If there were more giant sausages, cute birds, or fuzzy green creatures roaming the stands, I might look around more. 😛

        But that’s just me. I am focused on the game. I couldn’t tell you anything about my surroundings.

        In every other aspect of my life, I’m more mindful of those sort of things, but not at a baseball stadium.


        • I’m sure it is. I just don’t notice the people around me no matter what they are. This is also why I would be a terrible person to ask who committed a crime, because I don’t pay attention to people.


        • I told you in the past, a lot is my nurse training. I take in the whole body. The face, the eyes to the feet, assessing. Posture, gait etc. Part of it is my drama training too. My drama teacher would tell us to sit and watch people. She said it would help us. I sometimes would eat alone at restaurants and just watch people interact. I studied people on the subway too, careful to avoid eye contact.

          I also kind of don’t fit into either of my worlds. I am too American for Latinos and too Latina for Americans. I notice that my British boss finds me way too effusive and emotive but my Dominican relatives find me reserved. I KNOW! Because I overachieved a little, I was always the lone of my kind, and I became hyperaware of how different I was navigating the white world. I knew my place: the well spoken token. Even today, I am the only Hispanic-American nurse at my work place.


        • I think that may be part of it. If I don’t notice people, they in turn don’t notice me. It’s a way to stay invisible, so that I can be left alone. I don’t like crowds but you have to be around them to go to a baseball game, so I tune them out.


        • Ah. Yes. This could be also an element of social anxiety too. There are a lot of great benefits to developing observational skills besides becoming a better witness for the prosecution and acting. You are very good writer. Developing greater observational skills could potentially improve your fiction writing. Most people don’t bite. Not unless you want them to do so. 🙂


  4. Marcus Stroman pitched like an ace on his 25th birthday, holding the Rays to just 3 hits and one run over 8 innings while striking out a career-high 9 batters. His record is now a nice 4-0. Donaldson hit a solo shot and Tulo belted a 3-run blast to cement the win in the 9th inning.

    I didn’t get to see the game as the weekend was crazy busy (but in a good way). The community choir, that my daughter and I are in, hosted our 7th annual Cabaret show on Saturday and Sunday evenings. My daughter stole the show with her tap routine while the whole choir sang “Hello Dolly”. She was in full “Barbra Streisand” costume, complete with feathered hat and feather boa. Now I am dog-tired and craving sleep…

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  5. Clayton Kershaw needed just 101 pitches to strike out 14 Padres in a three-hit CGSO. Clayton drove in the only run in the 1-0 masterpiece, plating AJ Ellis after the catcher’s second inning double. Drew Pomeranz pitched very well for seven innings and he seems to have really turned a corner.


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