Looks Like Fox Sports Has Standards After All

Interesting article on Deadspin where they detail how Curt Schilling is too toxic for even Fox to touch.

Last Friday, I asked Fox Sports if they were talking to Schilling about joining in some capacity, since a company currently stocking its kennel of hot-takers with diseased, three-legged dogs like Colin Cowherd,Jason Whitlock, and Skip Bayless seemed like a good fit. A spokesperson said that Schilling had reached out, but that the network declined:

We were approached by Curt’s camp this week and passed. We’re very happy with the group we have working baseball this season.

Fox Sports: Curt Schilling Approached Us, But We Passed

Schilling however is hinting around that he already has a new job lined up.  He’s claiming he’s “getting ready” to take a position “that’s likely to make the far left heads explode”.

Maybe Schilling and the newly jobless Adam LaRoche are going to team up for a political talk show run out of their basement on AM radio?  Maybe Schilling, Jay Mariotti, Rob Dibble, and Rush Limbaugh are all going to band together to start a “jackasses who actually managed to hold down high paying gigs at ESPN” support group?  ESPN for their part seems to be doing anything humanly possible to erase Curt Schilling from existence. Either way, Curt continues to be the irritating cyst that just refuses to go the fuck away.

14 thoughts on “Looks Like Fox Sports Has Standards After All

    1. Spike has said all kinds of stupid and ugly things about interracial relationships. This was from an article in 1992, right after Jungle Fever came out.

      “Yeah,” he says, “white women when they want to be with black men, they just know all they have to do is go to some club.” Not the kindest thing he could have said under the circumstances. “Okay, maybe you didn’t,” he says, his eyelids drooping with cynicism. He is making a sawing motion with his right arm, fist clenched, back and forth, back and forth. He howls with laughter. “I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street. Hand in hand and arm in arm. I just hope they’r eon in it for the sex mythology.”

      White women who go out with black men are “muggy.” He quotes one of his characters: “‘Most black men don’t be having no Penthouse pets, they be having outhouse pets.'” Not the kindest thing he could have said under the circumstances. “And they have nothin’ going for them, nothin’. Doesn’t matter what she’s doing, what she’s about, she’s just there, and you have a prize—a white woman on your arm. A trophy. Sick.”



    1. I don’t want to imply any love for Schilling and his idiotic understanding of life as a human being. But, the whole “he ripped of the government” thing is simply not an issue. As I recall he had to sell off personal property to compensate the state, and the state got what it wanted – a high pay industry located inside the state. If any individual should take the blame, it’s the member of the government that approved the transaction. I doubt that Schilling walked in to this venture thinking “I’ll suck the state’s nipple as long as I can until they come to take all my gloves and game balls!” Businesses fail everywhere and often. It happens. Just ask Donald Trump, his creations declare bankruptcy more often than ants dig holes.


      1. I might be okay with this, if it wasn’t for the fact that he whined and cried about how RI was undermining his business when they decided 38 Studios was a sunk cost and didn’t give them an additional $40 million. He was absolutely sucking at the government teat, and he lured workers their with promises he made no effort to keep.


      2. This guy is the perfect storm of Dunning -Kruger and the Halo effect. He initiated a massive game project without even the basic knowledge to do so and without any understanding of the financial aspect of the endeavor.
        Then he blames Chafee in part for “undermining” the company. Businesses do fail all the time but this was the blind leading the blind and absconding and ultimately losing an enormous sum of taxpayer dollars.


  1. Maybe Schilling and the newly jobless Adam LaRoche are going to team up for a political talk show run out of their basement on AM radio?

    No, no, no. Adam LaRoche is recruiting Curt Schilling to fight the sex slave trade by going undercover in brothels all over south east Asia. That would DEFINITELY make heads explode.


  2. I’m sure he could find his niche with the anti-science crowd, maybe by teaming up with someone better looking but just as dumb… perhaps Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann. So many opportunities for him in the Right Wing echo chamber.


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