FI Home Run Derby – Week 4 Results

A pair of rainouts for the Cubs was enough to sabotage the Rizzo picks for the elimination pool, leaving us with a grid that looks like this…

(And yes, I know that both Cutch and Cespedes have homered in their games here on Monday tonight, so Burgie and Lions are both already through to next week as well, despite the lack of coloring in this particular image.)


In the full season pool, those same two folks – Burgie and Lions – are leading the pack with 9 bombs each.  Yahmule is right behind with 8.


And now, some things to look at….




11 thoughts on “FI Home Run Derby – Week 4 Results

    1. You are entirely correct.

      I marked his first one of the week, then forgot to go back and double-check at week’s end for full season count. I’ll fix it in my records (and make sure all other counts are accurate) and have the corrected version on the next update.


      1. The way the Cardinals are playing….all I have is this HR pool, the Blues in the NHL playoffs, and some research into rookie for dynasty FF drafts….none of which happen for at least a month. Honestly, I would trade a 100 loss Cardinal season (two of ’em even) for a Stanley Cup….especially if those losses resulting in a high pick for once and in Matheny being fired….hell, I’d trade the 100 losses for just Matheny being fired (yes, he’s really that bad).


        1. Yeah, Matheny is pretty a goddamned awful in-game tactician, so I’d be happy to see him stick around for another decade or so. Maybe he makes up for that somehow in being a good clubhouse manager, but it’s hard to imagine that being the case.

          Also, Trout hit 2 HR’s last week, not 1. Those seems to be the only two fuckups in my counting. As soon as I figure out who to blame for that shit, I’ll let you all know.


        2. Dynasty FF drafts?

          I assume you must be talking about the Final Fantasy games. Sephiroth has to be the #1 overall pick.


        3. Yeah, he’s an interesting option….but you know how RB hype can get crazy out of control if it looks like they’ll have an opportunity. I’m pretty concerned with the direction of their offense….Sanchez is still, well, Sanchez.


        4. He’s also going to be locked into a committee. I was really hoping Denver would get him or Kenneth Dixon.

          I take it Elliott will go number one?


        5. I’m sure he will. There is no sure thing WR this year, it doesn’t seem. With Dallas’ O-line, Elliot seems like a great combo of upside and low risk.


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