Let’s Talk Trades. Already.

I noticed this little tidbit from Ken Rosenthal at Rotoworld – The Brewers are now highly considering a trade featuring outfielder Ryan Braun. Braun can veto any trade with the except for a few teams – the Angels, Marlins, Dodgers, Nationals, and Rays.

brewers logoThe Brewers are terrible this season, much as I predicted earlier in the year. While I thought prime trade bait would be catcher Jonathan Lucroy, Braun has come back to life this season, showing much more production at the plate – five home runs and 18 RBI so far – and fielding better now that he is at his more natural position of left field. If the Brewers want to take advantage of this improvement of a guy who still has the capacity of being a star player, they will want to strike while the iron is hot.

Of course, this leads me to consider who would the trade partners be with Milwaukee, and for which players? Milwaukee needs pitchers desperately, along with a few outfielders. They do have Lucroy, but they also have a catcher in the farm system who isn’t too bad. A third baseman and shortstop might also be nice, but not as needed as badly as a power hitting outfielder not named Ryan Braun and some arms, both starting and bullpen.

Consider the non-veto teams listed above. Who among them have a stable of young talent that the Brewers would want to tangle with? Who would take a portion of Braun’s contract, which averages about $21 million dollars a year until 2020? Milwaukee would surely put this as part of the cost of doing business.

What are your thoughts? And who on your team do you think might be on the chopping block already?

16 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Trades. Already.

  1. If Milwaukee puts that as the cost of doing business, they’ll get back less in terms of prospects. The more of Braun’s contract they eat, the better their return becomes. With not much on the books and a multi-year rebuilding facing them, I’d sweeten the pot by paying Braun’s salary for at least the next 2-3 years.

    Of the teams on that list, the Rays and Marlins aren’t trading for an aging outfielder, the Angels system is barren, and the Dodgers are set in the outfield. The Nats could be intriguing as an option, and of course just because Braun has a NTC doesn’t mean he wouldn’t go elsewhere. Is there any non-guaranteed money on his deal? My guess is that’s how he uses his leverage if the trading partner isn’t on that list.


    1. I believe that Usinger’s does indeed feature a Ryan Braun’s contract flavored bratwurst. I don’t see why the Brooze wouldn’t be willing to eat plenty of it, especially if washed down with draughts of Miller Lite Oktoberfest Incidental.


  2. First of all, I want to put in a good word for the Brooze. They play the game the right way. Their outfielders have the looking up and turning around at home run balls thing down pat. They turn as gracefully as Sufis, and never disrespect the opposing batter by staring frozenly at the pitcher as if to assume that the ball is going out. And speaking of the pitchers, they are among the most courteous in the league – “where would you like this one,” they seem to be asking the batters.

    As far as who would take Braun’s $21 million per year contract, I don’t know who would take it, but I betcha I know one owner who would not. Hint: it’s one of the teams on Braun’s tradeability list. Its manager looks like a tailless hadrosaur with beagle ears. Can you guess?

    By the way, it was clever of Braun to include on his ship-me list two teams who couldn’t and wouldn’t pay for him (the Razed and the mystery team referenced above) and two teams with seemingly infinite budgets in a market with a sizable population of nice Jewish girls. Kinda narrows down the field, you know?

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    1. I talk a lot of smack about Wisconsin, but Milwaukee is full of extra polite folks. Must be town culture. :p

      I know why Braun has Miami on his no veto list, it’s because he went to college there. I also know there’s no way on earth Scrooge picks him up, although he and The Iron Giant do get along very well. I’ve been to a few Feesh/Crew games in my life, and every time I.G. and Braunie cross each other’s paths during “down” times, it’s like two old frat brothers are meeting up at a block party.


  3. Just looked, the Brewers have absolute bupkis on the books going forward. Eat Braun’s contract at $19MM/year through 2018. Assuming he doesn’t get traded to one of the teams he can’t block a deal to, assume his mutual option for 2021 gets picked up in the deal. The acquiring team gets five and a half years of Ryan Braun for $49MM that’s very heavily back-loaded. Even if the last year or two is a bust, that’s a great value deal, and worth quite the prospect haul. If the Nats (or Dodgers, I guess) want in, they wouldn’t have to pick up the vesting option, giving them four an a half years for $38 million. If the Brewers move now, they should get a very nice return.

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    1. I know the Brewers would pay for some, but the trick is how much? That I’m not too sure about. The scenario you show above is a good one.

      What Milwaukee won’t want to do is what Atlanta did with Dan Uggla. I realize they may not have any other choice in the matter because they were the ones who gave Braun that ridiculous contract to begin with.

      i’m curious to see how Newbie GM handles the situation.


      1. Nah, completely different situation. Dan Uggla had no trade value even if the Braves ate his entire contract, so they had to DFA him. Braun probably won’t be worth all of what he’s still owed, but he’s still a good player and thus Milwaukee can get something for him by eating enough money.


    2. i can’t see the dodgers getting in. the price tag doesn’t bother them, and they have at least a few pieces that get it done, but they are very very heavy in the OF.

      STL is an interesting option. I mean, there can be no bigger brandon moss fan than me, but I think he remains undervalued due to his Batting average. Do the cleveland’s think they can go for it? does KC want to commit that kind of time? I don’t know if Braun can play RF, but an upgrade for any would be nice.

      the giants could use him. I mean unless they still think running the corpse of pagan out in left is working out. but the giants don’t have the prospects.


      1. He can indeed play RF; did for MKE for a few years. Left is his more natural position, but he did well in right.


      2. Yeah, the only way the Dodgers make any kind of sense is if they move on from Puig, and Friedman doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who is going to sell low on a valuable player because of annoying-but-harmless antics that the local chatterheads get riled up about.


    3. I would take Braun for the Panda even if it was an MLB video game and I had to eat twenty five million! The future Burger king owner for the post-A rod cautionary tale of league incompetence. Win/ win baby! I predict that Braun will have more homers this year than the fat fuck will have for the rest of his contract!

      Fat fuck, fat fuck, fat fuck, fat fuck, fat fuck, fat fuck, fat fuck… I’m happy to report that my phone now associated “fat ” and ” fuck” with the fat fuck known as the fat Fucking meat eating, non vegetable eating, fucking Panda! Gawd I hate that man! I’m guessing that it may come through, but I really hated that signing and I would rather have a known steroid abuser with PR issues than that awful piece of Shit on my team.

      You know how you all HATE Ortiz? Multiply that by one trillion super nova’s going off then extrapolate that by the power of a million! Even then, that would ONLY be mild exasperation for having your name mispronounced at Starbucks! Up your ante my peers, help me understand how he can be a triple A talent and I still have to watch him kill a buffet lunch by himself? All the fucking while knowing that anyone we have down in low A ball will be a better roster spot than that colossal failure of the before pictures, except that his after pictures are even worse!

      He could have retired a hero by staying in San Francisco and MAYBE gotten another ring. Instead he has to duck lantern batteries because size D doesn’t have the aerodynamics that I need to hit him. I throw lefty so it tails away, but if I hit him with a four pound battery, at least he will have a fucking good reason to be sent down or at least retire with a massive concussion instead of being the anti Christ that he fucking is!

      At least the Sox are doing halfway decent, much better than I expected.


  4. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2016/05/update-on-ryan-brauns-no-trade-list.html

    Angels, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Giants, Marlins and Padres are the new list of teams he can’t block a deal to. The Diamondbacks would somehow find a way to give another top prospect to the Braves in a deal. The Giants intrigue – their fan base clearly isn’t going to reject a guy just because of an ugly PED history, they have a need, but I’m not sure they’d gut what depth they have left. Preller seemed to have learned his lesson from his first season on the job.

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