Appendix to the as yet unpublished 5/1/16 So What Did I Miss?

Last night the Feesh clubbed four home runs by  Dietrick, Hechavarria, Ozuna the Damned and the Iron Giant,  and won going away over the Brooze, 7-5 – and they still managed to strand twelve runners in scoring position, seventeen runners in all!  Go figger. The Giant’s shot hit the scoreboard. Beneficiary of all this gilded futility was Wei-Yin Chen. If it had been a stickball game, Chase Anderson would have spent a lot of time chasing Spaldeens into traffic.

So, the Feesh won their seventh in a row, the Iron Giant climbed back into the upper echelons of dinger dongers, and Hechavarria – heeding, no doubt, my recent blandishment to him to pick up the slack of the absent Dee Gordon (who claimed to have ingested his PEDs unwittingly which, considering that his head is the same size it was last season, is ackcherley plausible) went four for five and got his average up out of the friction layer of Rio Mendoza.

So – the Rainbow Warriors now find themselves at 12-11, 1.5 games behind the smoke-and-mirrors Feelies and trying to pull free of the strange attractor’s gossamer reality waves:


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