We Have A New Application Of The New Slide Rule

Strange play just went down in Baltimore.  Quick setup.  Hyun-soo Kim doubled to lead off the inning.  Manny Machado followed up with an infield single.  Then, with men on first and second with no outs, Adam Jones hit a ground ball to third.  Frazier tagged third, then threw to Brett Lawrie at second.  Lawrie made no attempt to throw to first for the triple play.  Machado slid directly into the bag, HOWEVER, he reached out and grabbed Lawrie’s leg.  His grab appears to not actually interfere with Lawrie, who did not appear to even consider throwing to first.  It was an illegal slide however, so ChiSox Manager Robin Ventura challenged the play.  After an extremely lengthy review, Adam Jones was called safe at first.  Ventura was less than thrilled with the call, and after arguing was properly ejected as arguing with a review call is by rule grounds for an automatic ejection.  Chris Davis, the next batter singled.  Mark Trumbo grounded out to end the inning.


So, There is the basic break down.  Of course there is not much online showing the play, as it happened about 5 mins ago.

As many of you know I am an Orioles fan.  I also like to try to stay as objective in my writing as humanly possible.  If you ask me, the umpires absolutely got this call wrong.  It should have been a triple play.  While Manny’s initial slide was proper, he absolutely reached out and grabbed the leg of Lawrie and should have been ruled out despite the fact no throw to first was attempted.  I can see an argument either way, but this call seems to go against the intention of the rule.  This is part of the growing pains with a new rule, and I expect to see MLB make an adjustment accordingly.  I do not fault Ventua for being upset one bit and if I was a ChiSox fan, I would be equally as upset.

It has been quite an interesting game so far and we are only in the bottom of the 4th.  Manny Machado has two fantastic defensive plays.  He also had a throwing error which allowed a run to score instead of a inning ending double play.  Brett Lawrie who hit 3rd immediately after the slide play hit a solo homerun.  Pedro Alvarez and Jonathan Schoop just hit back to back home runs.

16 thoughts on “We Have A New Application Of The New Slide Rule

  1. i agree that machado violated the rule. it seems pretty clear. but like the transfer rule 2 years ago, that is an adjustment that need to be made. if the keystone player is not attempting to throw to the next base, the batter runner should not be out.


    • Well, yeah, except for the part where reaching out and grabbing a fielder has been illegal for well over 100 years….still, I agree, baseball does adjust slowly…they’ll get it right one of these decades.


      • but like with the obstruction (or is it interference) rule, the runner has to try to advance in order for the runner to benefit from the obstruction, some “judgement” should be afforded.


        • Are you sure? Pretty sure the rule just states that runners cannot purposefully impede a fielder or both they and the batter should be ruled out.

          Runners shouldn’t be allowed to grab guys and then leave it up to the judgement of the umps whether or not a benefit existed…the runner sure thought there was a benefit to the grab or he wouldn’t have done it.

          It’s really easy, just don’t reach out and grab fielders when you slide.

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        • i still don’t see the difference.

          Look, my 2003 world champion A’s would have benefited from a bright line rule like that for obstruction/interference.

          do you want to change that rule too? fine. but make them consistent.


  2. also, you got jobbed on that 2-2 pitch to the batter before abreu. but weiters stood up, so you can’t be too mad about it, unless, like me, you want robot strike zones


    • I have noticed, in probably at least 3/4 of the games I’ve watched this season thus far (both NL and AL), there has been some hellaciously bad umping. I mean, stuff that I scratch my head at and wonder what they were looking at. Even in teams that I truly have no rooting interest in, or only in the most casual way, I’ve noticed this. I can’t think of any specifics right now because there’s been too dang many.

      I mean, I’m not even being a homer on this stuff. I don’t care who wins half of the games I watch (because it’s the only game I’m able to get, usually) but I do care about proper rules.


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    • As a person who appreciates the fine art of proper uniform dressing, I applaud Mr. Schoop.

      he is the hero that baseball needs.


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  4. This is the thrill of baseball! A minor change in rules. We’re roughly 15% deep into the season before it becomes a arguable issue. I like baseball because it’s basically the same game I played (poorly) when I was eight years old. Football makes major changes over and over. Jerry West would have had quite a few three pointers in his day but for rules later applied. Baseball, we have the DH (Let’s start an argument on THAT – all these decades and you can start a fistfight with a few words about the DH). Other than that, we make up stuff to argue about as a baseball fan – just as Palmer was with his homer partner! This is baseball, and it’s basically the same game I played 40 years ago (You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball) and could still play now if only I could find the right competitive group (basically people so old and out of shape they can’t throw, can’t catch, can’t hit). It is also gratifying that two highly paid professionals can have the same argument on the air that I can have on line with you guys. This is a great game! It’s wonderful to be a fan!

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