So, What Did I Miss? (4/30/16)

I really need to keep this short today. I am on vacation, although currently, there is not much to do. It is raining here in the Gateway City (which apparently, should be Kansas City, and why do we need a metaphorical gateway anyway to the west, and who gets to decide what it is, and…?) so I decided to do a brief recap. Baseball this afternoon is not looking good. I do not enjoy rain delayed events that last for seemingly decades, although I will suck it up. Tarp on, tarp off, wet seats. I miss my ugly dome! The weather forecast is better for tomorrow, so the chance of baseball tomorrow is much higher. The Nationals are in town too, so I am really looking forward to seeing Bryce Harper.

I have to say, everyone has been very friendly and polite, and the boys on the plane were super hot. I don’t know if they were some athletes or something, but it was pleasant. Now, we just need to get rid of this weather.

I’m a big fan of the “fun sized” Frances Ethel Gumm. Petite brown eyed girls for the win. 😉

If the weather doesn’t improve, I will just have to go…

Nationals 5 – Cardinals 4. Stephen Strasburg strikes out 9, Papelbon with save.

Marlins 6 – Brewers 3. Well, that escalated quickly. Conley was taken out of the game with a no-hitter because he was at 116 pitches and 7 2/3 innings. The Marlins managed to hang on.

Mets 13 – Giants who cares. Seriously, the Mets scored 12 runs in the 3rd, a new franchise record. The Giants score one run.

Rockies  9 – Diamondbacks 0. Or I should say Trevor Story 10 HR – Everyone else bow. The kid did it, tied the rookie record. Today, he can break it. Rockies baseball just become must watch TV today, and I never thought I would say those words.

Trevor is probably handy to have around.

Red Sox 4 – Yankees 2. Storied rivalry blah blah blah. David Ortiz hits a 2 run home off Betances in the eighth.

Oh, god, I just realized I am fucking Central Time. This time zone is dumb! Why? I don’t know. Because it is really an hour later in the Eastern Time Zone, where New York City, most of Florida, Boston, Philly, and DC is, and that is the center of my universe and because I am writing this.

OK. LET ME FOCUS. NO MORE MUSIC. JUST SCORES. Oooooh, I’m hungry. The waffles and sausages smell so good down here. Goddammit, focus, woman.

Cubs 6 – Braves 1. The Cubs have won 17 games in April, which is the most they have won in April since 1792. What? Baseball didn’t exist back then? That’s what you think. Whatever. I think I see a squirrel, so cute. Goddammit, didn’t I just tell you to focus?

Orioles 6 – White Sox 3. Reimold hit a 3 run home run to break a 3-3 tie.

Pirates 4 – Reds 1. Former Ray Matt Joyce hit a 2 run HR. So nice to see him to well. He’s a super swell guy. I’ve met him; he signed my little girl’s pink baseball. After Maddon left the Rays, Maddon still held his annual Thanksmas event to raise money for the homeless. I attended. Joyce, still a Ray, was one of Maddon’s volunteers. We spoke. Again, sweet, sweet boy.


Okay, so here’s another song.

Phillies 4 – Indians 3 (11). The Phillies keep winning. Get some real offense, and you will be a genuine threat. Ryan Howard delivered a walk-off HR. Nice job, Ryan.

Blue Jays 6 – Rays 1. Speaking of needing a real offense, my boys… ugh. Sanchez held them on lockdown and Donaldson hit the catwalk with some swag. I mean he CRUSHED it. Damn.

Look at the way he dropped his bat afterwards.

Rangers 4 – LAA 2. Prince Fielder gets his 1,000th ribbie.

Tigers 9 – Twins 2. Fulmer, the Tiger’s highly rated pitching prospect, did well.

A’s 7 – Astros 4. Another pitcher making his debut tonight, this time for Sean Manaea. I will have to add him to the List of Fun Baseball Names. I think I will say it Ma-na-ee-ah. That’s not how you say it?

Padres 5 – Dodgers 1. Kemp is back. DON’T GET HURT, PLEASE! I like Kemp.

Mariners 1 – Royals 0. King Felix.

So, what did I miss? It is still raining, gloomy. When I left Tampa Bay, it was sunny. We play in an ugly dome.

Okay, let me find something to do.







19 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? (4/30/16)

  1. Disco. Ecccchhhhhh. The musical equivalent of a septic tank.

    I just transported a 90-lb. African spur thighed tortoise to a wildlife park in Homestead, bought myself a large Jakfruit to make jakfruit seafood curry tomorrow, and got home just long enough to note that the Feesh have directly engaged with the strange attractor and become one with its gossamer reality waves:

    Out front of Miller Park, it’s time to get out the hoses: the statue of Bud Light is already caked with pigeon shit and it’s only April 30.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Only the worst musical snob completely discounts disco. Congrats, snob. 😛 Some of it is quite sublime and ethereal, and this is coming from someone whose inclinations lie strongly in the rock/punk/hip hop camp. It’s all rock n’roll to me.

      I should be the first person to disparage disco. But the Bee Gees and Donna Summer–absolutely righteous. Modern day descendants of disco owe so much to them. Disco, getting people laid since the 1970s.


        1. Listening to people like Gator, who I believe is an intelligent but misguided person at the moment, again makes appreciate the spectacular lesson my beloved father taught me: never discount a genre of music based on the whims of a music label executive. Good music is good music. Disregard the label. As you know Shelly, he was a trained classical musician whose tastes ranged from Tchaikovsky to Shakira, from ragtime to hip-hop. I was so lucky. 🙂 Disco, yes, there is lots of horrible disco. There is lots of horrible everything. But when I hear people just blanket statement disparage any genre of music, I immediately want to say–no, and you know it’s not so. Except polka, all polka is awful, awful. 😛 lol… I kid. I simply have no ear for it. I can’t appreciate “good” polka. I bet someone here knows.


      1. Make me out a snob, then. Some bacteria thrive eating shit. From the bacteria’s point of view, it might as well be bouillabaisse. But in fact, it’s still shit.

        Moreover, if you need disco to get laid, go buy yourself a used Porsche instead and wax it well. It will do less damage to your budget than disco will do to your brain, not to mention your musical taste, and will likely get you laid twice as often.


        1. And I am going to continue. Not finished.

          I know, for example, that you like The Grateful Dead. I have tried many times to listen to them. Garcia has influenced many artists I do like. The Dead are just not my cup of tea. I respect however their place in the music world. Many people do enjoy their music and partake in activities that actually do destroy IQ points while listening to their music. I won’t insult their taste simply because their musical tastes does not align with my own.

          Insulting disco with such vitriol, I find particularly disturbing, because of who it greatly appealed to, minorities and women, so tread careful on how you discuss the genre. You don’t have to like it, of course. I truly don’t like polka. A simple respect for its place in the musical pantheon.


    1. Plus they’re jumping all over the place in the draft order via trades, presumably because they have a highly refined list of targeted players based on analytics. We shall see how well this does.


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