FI Home Run Derby – Week 5 Selections

Among those of us still alive in the elimination pool, myself, indaburg, and Paper Lions have already advanced to next week…with historio, nbjays, and yahmule still hoping their picks will come through in their respective weekend serieseses.

In the full season pool, Paulie Goldschmidt has succeeded where so many others have failed in finally getting our Professor on the board.  Now the flood gates will open and she’ll end up leading this pool by 30 bombs at the ASB.

I debated between taking Marte and McCutchen this week, so I literally flipped a coin.  While Marte has done the bare minimum, he damn sure didn’t go off like Cutch did.  Fucking coin.


If you are still participating in both contests, you are free to pick different players for each contest each week. Just be sure to specify which is which.

Picks for this week will be due before the first pitch of the first game on Monday May 2nd. You may deposit your picks in the comments below.


15 thoughts on “FI Home Run Derby – Week 5 Selections

  1. I thought Arenado was heating up, but wanted to save him for later. Hopefully Rizzo loses one and keeps me alive in the elimination league.


  2. The Bringer of Rain kept me alive in the elimination pool last night. I think I’ll go with Neil Walker for the elimination pool next week and The Iron Giant in the aggregate pool.


    1. I nearly picked Neil Walker myself, which probably means he’ll get at least one for you because my picks (generally) mean the kiss of death for a hitter with a hot streak. 😛


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