The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

Miracles have occurred!

Precious and Few: Guys, you guys, y’all, friends, peeps, fam, something amazing freaking happened this evening. Something that is rare and precious.


Braves Twitter lost their fool minds because Freddie hit a dinger, but it was too little, too late, sadly. But not unlike that awesome old song from the 70’s, precious and few are the moments we two can shaaaaare…. and by we two I mean us and the Braves, of course.

Every Fanbase Goes Nuts Sometimes:  I like to make fun of my BravesFam because I’m part of that madness, and we all like to go off on the Best Fans because of who they are, but every fanbase has some nutty bits in it.

Today on baseball twitter I saw Twins fans talking smack about Brian Dozier [send him down when he’s not too far off of his career slash line? OK] and Reds fans saying that Joey Votto is horribly overrated and should have left the team years ago. I don’t want to call the individual people out because I don’t like to openly mock the mentally ill, but my goodness.

As Kanye West would say,  “That shit cray.”

The Tall and The Small:  I am the small. Not as short as our lady of recaps, but still among the petite. The tall, however, is my favorite international won’t ever get to the big show pitcher, Loek Van Mil. He was in the Twins organization, but he was released a few days ago. 😦

Someone needs to give him a chance! We need a huge Shaq-like pitcher! The Braves might be getting rid of bad Bud Norris soon; we can slot him in there.

6 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

  1. Uncommonly tall pitchers are rare, like REALLY FUCKING RARE, like Randy Johnson is the list for his height ( I know we have others, but they are relievers? ) and that’s it!


    • Where’s your cut off line? Verlander is 6’5″ and Fister is 6’8″. Is it somewhere in there? 6’5″ is uncommonly tall..but not freakishly so. Thus sayeth the tall among the ladies here.


    • Kameron Loe was 6’10” I think, and Kevin mentioned Chris Young, but even Randy Johnson would be short compared to Loek Van Mil. 🙂


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