Raúl Ibañez Replaces Curt Schilling On Baseball Tonight

Former Major League player Raúl Ibañez has joined the Baseball Tonight crew, replacing the horrible waste of oxygen Curt Schilling who just can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.  I could go on about the continued idiocy of Schillling, but I’d rather not give that assclown any further attention.  This is supposed to be good news day at FI!  Let’s rejoice in ESPN getting a little less terrible.  ESPN didn’t give anyone a whole lot of notice, releasing the press statement just hours before Ibañez began his shift last night working the Rangers/Yankees game.  If anyone saw it, how did he do?

Ibañez signed a multi-year deal with ESPN and is expected to contribute to SportsCenter as well as Baseball Tonight, and any other news and information programming in addition to working live games in the booth.

He played 19 Major League Baseball seasons, debuting in 1996 with the Seattle Mariners and last playing in 2014 with the Kansas City Royals. He also played for the Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the New York Yankees. He was an MLB All-Star in 2009 with the Phillies.

On Feb. 2, 2016, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced Ibañez joined the organization as special assistant to president of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman.

22 thoughts on “Raúl Ibañez Replaces Curt Schilling On Baseball Tonight

  1. I missed him last night but he was with the player-analyst crew for the post season last year. Rose and A-Rod got all the attentuon, but I thought Ibanez was the best of them. He was excellent at explaining things and no ego. I think he’s a great chouce.

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  2. PS I think it’s great now that he doesn’t have to worry about losing his job that Schilling is free to stand up to all the racists at ESPN. Name names, Schillactivist!

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      1. Best part is even in context, Schilling is wrong: per Barry Petchesky at Deadspin

        Smith was speculating on whether Jay Gruden’s treatment of Griffin differed from that of Kirk Cousins, and how that fit into a long history of black quarterbacks being held to different standards.

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      1. “Dear friend he is not to be dwelt upon for it is just by suchwise that he’s invited in.”
        Cormac McCarthy, Suttree


  3. Stephen A Smith is another gaping asshole who should have been fired a long time ago. It would be nice to see him be the next one out the door. Unfortunately, Smith actually has a sizable fan base, something Schilling never did and never will. If you don’t believe this is true, simply check their respective Twitter following. Schilling has 149,000 followers and Smith has 2.67 million.

    Schilling’s problem is there are literally thousands of more telegenic and clever people trying to scream the loudest in the multi-billion dollar conservative outrage industry and a lot of them are just better at stirring up shit than Curt. He’s not hungry enough after that lucrative sports career to outhustle the career pundits.

    I love how the aggrieved white people party is howling that the white guy got fired from ESPN for “speaking his mind”, but the black guy did not. But the black guy did get fired. His name is Rob Parker. He said some stupid shit about Robert Griffin not being black enough and ESPN told him to get lost. Mainly because he wasn’t attracting enough listeners to insulate himself from reprisal.

    Hugh Douglas is another black guy who was shown the door by ESPN for racial comments. He also failed to bring in enough listeners with his CTE driven stream of consciousness silliness, which was way less toxic than the crap that casually falls out of the mouths of Schilling, Smith and Parker.


    1. Even better example is when ESPN shitcanned Limbaugh. While he has millions of listeners on his radio show, no one liked him on ESPN. So they easily let him go with his McNabb comment(s).

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      1. He was a somewhat unique case in that he was universally and utterly loathed by black NFL players even before the McNabb comments. When he started in with racial crap the very first week (wow, who would have guessed!?) ESPN executives suddenly realized how stupid it was to hire him in the first place.

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      2. The most ridiculous thing with Schithead is he got away with comparing two billion people to Hitler and was even still employed when he decided it was a great idea to demonize another group.


        1. I know most of you avoid HBT now, but that’s what drove me nuts in the last article there mentioning his firing. People were saying, “what happened to second chances? as if they were serious! Dude got in twitter argument with KLaw and you know curt got warned to tone it down. Didn’t stop, got suspended and removed from certain roles. Still didn’t stop! How many more chances should he get? (and now he’s gone full scorch the earth…)


        2. One of the articles detailed every one of his insane comments, starting with the whole woman shouldn’t be in the locker room because a penis will scare their infantile minds bullshit. Then he had about 25 more chances and still isn’t stopping. I can’t believe he wasn’t shit canned three years ago and eventually he was just trying to see how much bullshit he could get away with.

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