Did You See That? (4/27/2016)

Welcome to Wednesday.  I swore all day I thought it was Thursday, until I went to write this piece and figured out it was Wednesday.  So now I’m depressed.  I got into a conversation with someone the other day over what the worst day of the week was.  She said Tuesday because Wednesday is almost Thursday which is almost Friday.  I say Wednesday because by then you are tired and still have too long to go until it’s Friday.  We both agreed Mondays get shit on too much.  It’s really not that bad.  You are all rested from the weekend, and the workweek grind hasn’t quite hit you yet.  By the time you wake up on Wednesday, forget about it, you are already ready for happy hour.  Here are a few people who like Tuesdays.  (Now THAT’S how you do a transition baby!)


Andrew McCutchen hit one for each of the three rivers that run through Pittsburgh.  Only he did it in Colorado, which makes me just a little less clever than I had thought.  Whatever.  Points still assigned.


Giancarlo Stanton does Giancarlo Stanton things.  Clayton Kershaw had to drop to his knees to beg for forgiveness for that pitch.


Robinson Cano reminds Seattle just why they gave him that godawful contract.

For those chicks that dig the glove, Justin Upton saves the day


I love you Bartolo Colon but you really didn’t have a change against Billy Hamilton.  I dedicate the following song to you.


Dude knows how to keep his lady happy.  Happy wife, happy life.


Miguel Cabrera is reminded that you have to ASK for and be granted time, it’s not automatic.


Histo, can you loan this Twins fan some of your never ending supply of popcorn?

5 thoughts on “Did You See That? (4/27/2016)

  1. FALSE! Colon had that out in the bag. The errant throw ruined it. The tortoise always wins this race, it’s in the damn fable.

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  2. Well, this isn’t baseball but I didn’t want anyone to miss it:

    Just saw this when I got home this afternoon. I had been stuck in what Bugs would describe as twaffic for an hour and was in ill humor – until I saw this “announcement.” Ted Cruz picks the heifer who ran Hewlett-Packard into the ground as his “running mate.” I thought I was going to laugh until I sprained a lat.

    I think all of us who aren’t really going to be running for president this fall ought to pick running mates, too. Why should Ted be the only loser to team up with a fellow loser to such great fanfare? Okay, here’s me with my running mate. Let’s see you with yours:

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  3. I got Vermin Supreme for my veep, he wears a boot on his head, his platform is tooth brushing being mandatory ( you peeps in Florida know what I am saying , even if your sister wife borrowed the family dental plate for a night out with the girls, that dirty bitch should still brush the 9 she still has left, for fucks sake she is almost 16 now! ) and free ponies!

    Win/win OG, I just feel like I should have a serious running mate so my absurdity is taken down a notch!


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